Sunday, October 24, 2010

Prepping for Baby

Well, seeing as tomorrow is a week from our due date, we've got a few things on our mind - one in particular - A BABY!!!!  We've been working on his nursery and since his last name is Braschler you had to know it would have something to do with the outdoors.  We went with a hunting/fishing/camping theme - but not really camo.  Hopefully being in the outdoors will be something he comes to love, not to mention making great memories with our family, especially his daddy.  :)  I really can't wait to see Nick be a dad.  He's going to be so great at it. 

Here's a look at our nursery: 

My parents got the stuffed elk head and the "Twinkle Twinkle" sign...

This is a puzzle Nick put together a couple of years ago and has had it up in his office until now - isn't it such a sweet picture of a boy and his daddy out fishing? 

Nick's Grandpa Braschler picked out this bear all by himself from the build-a-bear store in Branson.  Totally uncharacteristic and so so sweet of him!!  He must be excited about being a great grandpa!

This cute diaper bag is from one of the sweetest ladies ever - Sandy Kelley - who goes to our church here in Gravette.  She got it at a craft fair.  Isn't it stylish?

We can't wait to fill this room with precious memories with our baby boy!  Can't wait to meet him!  Of course, we'll post updates and pictures when he arrives! 


  1. very cute!! and very braschlery. i love that you're blogging now, it takes away the missing pains!! :)

  2. I LOVE the idea of a blog.... can't wait to see pictures of "little" Mr. Braschler! Love you both