Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby News I went to the doctor and he said that if our little boy doesn't come by Sunday, we'll go to the hospital Sunday night at 8 pm to start inducing -- BUT he doesn't think we'll make it that long.  All that to say that we're gonna have a baby for sure in the next 5 days!!  Whoa.......kinda crazy to have an actual time frame.  :) 

This got me to thinking that maybe I should post the story and pictures as to how I broke the news to Nick when I found out we were expecting.  Here goes...

Well, Nick and I had talked about starting to try to have a baby, but we figured it would take several months........but he barely looked at me and here we are...about to pop!  Anyway, around Valentine's Day weekend last year (don't worry, this isn't going a weird direction), Nick had gone up to visit his buddy & former roommate from JBU, Kyle McCormick, who is now attending Princeton Seminary in New Jersey, for a couple of days.  The morning of the day Nick was supposed to come back, I took a pregnancy test and it was positive!  So, when he called at the airport at one of his connections, I told him I had a surprise for him when he got back.  (Little did I know, that Nick fell asleep at the airport after that, waiting for his next flight, and dreamed that the surprise was a baby -- crazy, huh?). 

So later that day, I went to Walmart and bought a second test (just to make sure I wasn't dreaming), some posterboard, paint, streamers, and the book, What to Expect When You're Expecting.  I came home and decorated the house and made some banana cookies (no significance of the bananas, we just had some that were getting old..hehe), and decorated them.  Here's what he came home to.....

The poster says "Welcome Home Daddy!"

So anyway, that's the story of finding out the news and breaking it to Nick!  He was super excited and I'm sure we were both a little terrified.  Can't believe it's already been 9 months and we're just days away from meeting our little bundle of joy!  Until next time.........


  1. youre too cute. i cant wait to see pictures of this little kid.

  2. thats so cute. I will be praying for you the next few days!