Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Due Date & Maggie Pearl

Well, here we are - our due date has come and gone!  And yet, we have no baby to show for it.  That's ok, we're just really anxious to meet him.  It's kind of sad to have to go to work on your due date.  I'd much rather be meeting my son than going to work, but the important thing is that he is healthy and well!  I know our parents and siblings are chomping at the bit to meet him too.  Who knows, maybe tomorrow he'll just decide to enter the world and meet these crazy people who talk to him all the time (in other words, his parents).  :)    This picture is around 38 weeks or so.

But we are soaking up every last bit of this pregnancy as it comes to an end in the next few days (hopefully?).  Savoring every kick and wiggle of my belly, evenings of just Nick and I, sleeping through the night, Nick talking to my belly, eating anything I crave...hehe, and all the rest that goes with it.  I can't believe how blessed I've been with such a smooth pregnancy.  I'm so grateful for a good experience thus far. 

In other news...

Halloween night (before the trick-or-treaters), Nick and I went on a walk with our little Maggie Pearl.  Let me introduce you:

Here she is.  Nick's huntin' dog.  And my little friend.  She is definitely a wild woman.  I mean whoa.  She has torn up just about everything she can get her paws and teeth on.  She's torn out a couple of screens (we have a screened in back porch), eaten through our AC wires, our cable/internet cord, a hose, and there are several holes in the yard where she has left her mark.  But she really is cute.  And ornery.  She has a corner of the yard where she collects her treasures.  She'll bring branches and sticks and pieces of plastic and wood, and any other treasures she finds on her daily digs and but them in her corner.  It's amazing what she'll find. 

Anyway, we love her - even though she can be a pistol.  Wonder how she'll react to having a brother.  :)  Except she's not allowed near him for a LONG time. 

Hopefully, the next time you visit this blog, we'll be announcing the birth of our son!! 

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