Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Christmas-y and Rash-y Post

Bear with me, this post is long with lots of pictures...

Well, this has been an eventful past week to say the least.  We headed to Wichita last Thursday (Dec. 16) for my Grandma's funeral, which was Friday.  It really was a great weekend with our family with a wonderful service in honor of my grandmother.  My incredible mom got up and read a letter she had written to her mom several years ago and I was so proud of her!  After the service, Nick and I dropped off some flowers at my grandpa's house and were able to stay for about 2 hours and just chat with him.  It was a really special time that I will never ever forget. 

Friday evening, we were able to spend time with Nick's family and break in their new pool table - it was awesome!  We had a great time hanging out with them, as always.  Then, Nick took me shopping for my Christmas presents (new post-pregnancy work clothes!) on Saturday morning.  It was so sweet of him to go with me because it made it more special than just getting money. 

We had Christmas with the Goetz family on Saturday!  Mom and I baked some Christmas goodies during the day and then we opened gifts that evening.  :)  We are beyond blessed by my generous parents.  Seriously.  And Caleb had so much fun wearing a Santa suit and opening his first Christmas gifts of the season! 

Caleb & his Great Grandpa Willis         Grandma Goetz reading a Christmas story

                               In his Santa suit!  You can tell how much he loved it.

                         Caleb with his Aunt Julie and Aunt Hollie

We got back to Gravette on Sunday evening (so thankful for an extra day with our families after a tough week).  On Monday, I was headed back to work.  That 6 week leave went quick!  So, I dropped Caleb off for his first day of daycare and I got a call from them at about 2:30 pm and they said Caleb had a little rash starting and that I should come look at it.  Talk about a hard first day!  We took him to the doctor and she thought it looked like a drug allergy reaction or some kind of allergy and told us to give him benadryl.  Well, the next morning it was even worse - like really bad.  (Pictures below).  So we went back to the doc (and he stayed home from daycare) and she was totally perplexed - she said it was the strangest thing she'd ever seen.  She called a doctor in Little Rock at the Children's Hospital and he said that they had 3 babies in the NICU with the same type of thing.  Not scary at all, right?  But once they switched formula, it cleared right up!  So they gave us some new formula to try (Enfamil Nutramigen) and she told us that if he was worse the next day, then we may have to go down to the children's hospital in Little Rock, but she didn't think that would happen.  So, they gave us some new formula to try and the next morning Caleb was completely cleared!  Luckily, through the whole ordeal he didn't seem agitated or itchy or in pain or anything which was a huge blessing!  So, now he is doing SO MUCH better and back to his normal self!  Praise the Lord! 

Anyway, his first day of daycare and mine of work were pretty eventful.  But we both survived!  :) 

              These pictures are from Monday night (about 4 hours after the daycare called us.)

These pictures are from Tuesday morning.  You can see how much worse it got overnight.

This was Wednesday morning after using the new formula for 18 hours or so - all cleared up! 

I'll post more about Christmas and other things very soon!  Hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas!  I know ours sure was special.  :)


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm so glad Caleb is OK! That's kind of scary! Poor lil guy!

  2. I am glad he cleared up so fast, poor thing. He looks so big already!

  3. oh, caleb! im glad he's better!

  4. Oh MY GOODNESS! You weren't kidding about those spots! SOO glad he's better!