Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nicholas Todd Braschler - hubby extraordinaire

I just wanted to dedicate a post to my awesome husband, Nick.  I won't be too mushy gushy, but I just want to recognize how great he is.  I'm so lucky to be married to him.  God sure knew what he was doing when he matched us up.  Here are a few things I love about Nick:

1.  Watching him be a dad to Caleb
2.  Knowing when to get me thoughtful gifts (like peanut butter m&m's and Christmas cds for my trip to Wichita -- that was before we changed plans and decided to go together)
3.  When he comes up behind me in the kitchen and gives me a big hug. 
4.  His smile and always knowing how to make me laugh when I need it most
5.  His support in every decision I make, whether big or small
6.  The way he stands up for me and trusts me.
7.  His constant encouragement (because, you know us females seem to need a lot of that).
8.  The way he makes me feel beautiful even if I'm feeling ugly.
9.  The way his strong hands and arms make me feel safe.
10.  His leadership - spiritually, familially (is that a word?), emotionally, etc.
11.  His wisdom and desire to be a man of integrity.
12.  That he still wants to go on dates with me.  :) 
13.  That he makes dinner when I'm feeling crummy. 
14.  That he loves his family and my family.
15.  That he carries heavy things for me. 
16.  That he listens to me.
17.  And I could go on and on, but I'll stop there. 

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the things he does for us.  Thank you Lord for blessing me with this man as my husband and as Caleb's father.  I am crazy in love with him. 

And I still get butterflies whenever I see him or hold his hand.  :)

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  1. I just realized it's your anniversary soon! I know what you mean about being blessed with a good husband. I think we are both pretty lucky :) We have been thinking about you two and praying for you a lot! Can we please get together after the new year?