Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our 2 Month Old

Two Saturdays ago (2 days after Caleb turned 2 months old), our little man rolled over all by himself from his tummy to his back!!  I can't believe he did that already!  We've started putting him on his tummy more to build up those neck and arm muscles and he is just such a strong boy!  We absolutely cannot believe he is already 2 months old.  The other day I was rocking him and he was so alert and looking around and smiling and I just took the moment to soak in that memory, because I know it won't be long and he'll be walking around and talking.  We're trying to relish and enjoy every little moment with him, so time won't get away from us and we feel like we missed these little memories. 
2 month checkup stats:
24 1/2 inches long (already grown 2 1/2 inches! - in the 97th percentile for length)
10 lbs, 13 oz. (only the 25-50th percentile for weight) - we got him a bigger bottle to beef him up a little more  :)
He got his shots and was such a brave boy!  Just cried for awhile and then slept most of the day. 
He has now experienced his first snow ever - and I'm sure he jumped with joy just like his mom (I mean, literally - I was in the yard jumping around like a little child). was a sight to say the least.  He got to watch the pretty snow falling from inside the warm house - I mean, he is only 2 months old.  Even if I am excited for him to be able to play in the snow with me.  :) 
Here are some pics of him on his tummy and at 2 months old.  I just love him!!!

This is Caleb's Christmas present from his Grandpa & Nana Braschler.  He's still getting used to the idea of it.  He's warmed up to it in the weeks since.  :) 

You can't have a happy baby in every picture, so I thought I better capture him crying.  He's still cute even when he's mad. 

Not sure why some of these pictures rotated themselves.  Just tilt your head to the side and it's basically the same effect.  haha.  And you'll look cool doing it too. 
More blog posts to come (that should have been written weeks ago...):
Nick's ordination
Braschler Christmas
Week of friend time
Bedspread choice
Goals for 2011
Hanging out with our youth students
Wow...I'm behind on things.  But for now, this will have to do.  Til next time...  :)

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  1. Okay that 2nd to last picture is WAY too cute. I love it. Also- I can't wait for your "blog posts to come." Yay!