Monday, February 21, 2011

A Sister Visit

The weekend before last my sisters were able to come down and visit us!  We had such a great time together and I know Caleb was sure happy to spend some time with his aunts! 

Saturday we opened some Valentine's goodies.  Julie & Hollie got Caleb some sandbox toys.  Don't these look so fun to play with?!  Now, we just need a sandbox and we'll wait til Caleb is old enough to play in one. 

[Imagine cute sandbox truck toys picture here]

They also got us this cute Valentine's cyclops.  :)  haha.  It just makes you want to say "Mike Wazowski!" doesn't it?  (hint: Monster's Inc -- the movie, c'mon guys).

[Imagine cute red fluffy stuffed cyclops here]

We played cards, made and decorated sugar cookies, played more games, made a special Valentine's dinner, and cuddled up with homemade popcorn to watch a movie.  Nick and I got Netflix through the Wii during all the snowstorms!  And Julie and Hollie (better known as plooer and holz at our house -- long story, well...not really, but not the point of this post).

[Imagine other fun pictures of the weekend here!]

Sunday we went to church and out to lunch.  It was such a great weekend and we really appreciate my sisters making the trip down!  Now this past weekend, Nick's family came down to see us and Caleb and to celebrate Tyler & Robyn's news!  And next weekend, we're heading up to Wichita and spend some time with my grandparents.  :)  We're so grateful for being surrounded by such wonderful family!!


  1. that was the best weekend ever! :) theres no time like sister time <3