Monday, April 25, 2011

The Latest at the Braschler (new!) Household

We are all moved in to our new house!!!  We had a wet, cloudy, rainy, chilly day for moving, but with a LOT of help from Nick's family, we made it!!!  We still have a few things to get out of the parsonage and some cleaning to do, but most everything is moved to Siloam Springs.  We're still living out of boxes, but less and less as the days go on.  We could not have done this move without the awesome help of Nick's parents, brothers, our sister-in-law, his grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin.  They provided meals, muscle, advice, and lots of love for Caleb!  We appreciate them so much. 

Our second night in our new house, we realized we have an ant problem in the kitchen.  After some powerful anti-ANT spray, some mean words from me to the ants, and my fearless husband going through spray-to-ant combat, I'm happy to report that we have made a dent in the ant population of Northwest Arkansas. 

It has been raining here for 4 days straight.  Supposedly, we have gotten 10-12+ inches of rain since Friday!!!  There is a TON of water all around which caused the closure of several roads today.  I'd like to show you some pictures, but our camera is packed away in some random box and it is super dark because of the cloudy, dreary weather (which actually I love).  hehe...

In other news, we bought some furniture!!!  After many visits to furniture stores and waffling back and forth about what I wanted, we finally found a set we love!  We bought them from Bynum's Home Furnishings in Siloam Springs.  Nick and I went there last week, but wanted to check out a few other places first.  The other places were a little out of our price range or they didn't have quite what we were looking for.  On moving day, while the men were loading up the second truckload, Robyn (my sis-in-law) and I headed back to Bynum's to check out the goods.  I narrowed it down to two sets that I liked, but could not decide.  The salesman actually offered for me to take home one pillow of each (the backsides were the same fabric/color/design of the couches) to see what they would look like in our house.  He didn't even take my name down or anything!  This was SO helpful in deciding.  I enlisted the help of Robyn and my mother-in-law and my gracious hubby and we decided on some beautiful, comfortable brown couches!  We really love them and are very happy with the purchase.  I was so against brown with the gray walls of our house, but they really go beautifully.  Thanks for everyone's input and ideas!  They were very helpful! 

I will try to get some pictures up soon.  Our computer and internet are not hooked up/set up quite yet.  And there's that pesky camera to find.  :)  


  1. YAYAYAYAY, i cant wait to see!! congrats on your new place! :) ill be inviting myself over when you're all settled in..

  2. Seems like you really had a blast moving into your new home. This is one of the things where we get to bond with our loved ones, with all the helping, advising, and everything fun in between. And buying furniture and other things for the new home can be quite fun too. When everything's in place, you just gotta love how it all turns out.