Sunday, April 10, 2011


The latest news for the Braschler family is that we are moving to Siloam Springs, AR from Gravette, AR.  I work in Siloam, Nick is there often for work and Caleb's daycare is there as well.  We are in the process of buying a house (hopefully we'll close very soon!).  Nick has gone full-time as a chaplain at Simmons and we are excited for this new opportunity.  Sadly, we are resigning at the church in Gravette and will be there only 3 more Sundays.  We have been so extremely blessed by the people and the support of First Christian Church - from scholarship support to ministry experience to many great relationships to the baby shower for Caleb to Nick's ordination and so much more in between, we can never express how grateful we are to the people at FCC for everything.  We will miss our students dearly, but luckily we'll just be 30 minutes south and can come up for special occasions!  

Our new house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a garage and a big backyard.  The owners originally were buying this as an investment home with the hopes to someday move in.  But their plans changed and they are moving out of state.  Fortunately for us, they have put in a lot of work and done a lot of replacements to the house including new carpet, new paint, new countertops, new appliances, and new tile.  

This move will save us a ton on gas money and time.  It cuts an hour a day off of my commute and also allows me to be able to go home for lunch - saving on eating out and letting me get some chores done around the house during that time!  The house is about 5 minutes from work and 3 minutes from Caleb's daycare.

Here are a few pictures of our house from the listing:

We are buying For Sale By Owner and it has been such a great experience going through this process with this couple.  They have been wonderful and we wish them the best as they move out of state!

We will be sure to put up new pictures once we get settled in.  Our families will be coming in town in the next few weeks to help us pack, move and settle in.  We can't wait to see them!!!  

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  1. whooo! your house looks fancy! cant wait to visit!