Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our Big 5 Month Old Boy

Caleb turned 5 months old yesterday!  And as my mom reminded me, I have now been a mom for 5 whole months.  It's crazy how time flies.  I sure do try to treasure and savor every little moment with Caleb and Nick - our sweet family moments. 

Here are some of the latest Caleb things:
- He talks (baby goo-goo talk) and squeals all the time
- He loves to hold and grab things, fingers, faces, noses, mouths, necklaces, earrings, hair...
- He has found his feet in the last month and is trying to figure out how to reach them to his mouth
- His favorite place for anything is his mouth
- He is a drooling machine
- We're trying some solid foods - carrots were first (1st night he LOVED them and 2nd night he didn't want anything to do with them - see video).
- He's wearing 6-9 month clothes (unless they're shirts only, not onesies, then 12 months fits)
- We use size 2 diapers (Pampers are our favorite), but I think after we use up this next box, we might have to move up to size 3.
- He is definitely learning his name - and now he watches me leave as I drop him off at daycare (makes me want to take him with me!).  :)
- He recognizes me when I pick him up!!  So sweet!
- During his last daycare pics (2 days ago) he spit up during them and it was caught on camera - mid-spitup!
- He got pinkeye and an ear infection a couple of weeks ago, but didn't act like it bothered him one bit.  Poor baby!
- He sleeps turned completely on his side.
- He still kicks like crazy and gets so excited when you talk to him.
- He's losing his baby hair and his permanent hair is growing longer (looks like a buzz cut).
- He still smiles all the time.  :)
- Eyes are still blue so far
- He sleeps through the night so well!!  Lately it's been from 8:00ish pm - 6:00ish am (with maybe one or two pacifier re-plugs)
- He's getting ticklish around his neck, armpits and feet.
- He laughed for the first time a week and half ago and has only done it once since.  What a sweet sound!  He mostly squeals instead of laughing.
- He certainly loves his daddy.  :)

And there are many more things, but we'll go ahead and stop there.  Nick and I love being parents and especially that we get to do it together.  Caleb is such a special part of our lives and a HUGE blessing from the Lord!  We continue to pray that God would mold us into parents that honor him as we learn what all that entails (and as we mess up a lot too...).

Now for some pictures!


Had to get a drooling one.

Isn't this sweet?


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