Monday, April 11, 2011

Weigh-ins: 1 down, 3 to go

So, after the 2nd week of our weight loss challenge at work, we had our first weigh-in this morning.  I am happy to report that I am 6.8 pounds less of a woman!  (And I'm counting it as 7 lbs - I'm ok with rounding up!).  I'm looking forward to the next two weeks because I slacked a little in my exercise last week, so I know there is definite room for improvement.  I'm sure it will get even harder to lose pound-age, but as I build healthier habits, the eating and hopefully exercise time will become just part of the daily routine.  My husband has been so great in offering to get up and feed Caleb (or change him or whatever he needs at the moment) so that I can work out in the mornings before work.

Since I reported to the blog world about starting this weight loss competition, I thought I better keep you posted.  I'm 6.8 steps closer to being comfortable in wearing shorts!  Also, I gave myself an incentive that at 10 lbs lost, I would be able to get a hair cut.  Almost there!  I used to reward myself with food, but the new me knows that totally defeats the purpose!  (even though I'm definitely gonna mess up sometimes).  :)  I'll report back in two weeks on the next milestone.


  1. good jog, showers! thats amazing! living a healthy lifestyle is sooo much more difficult than people think. you're so great, keep it up!