Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fun Weekend!

This past weekend was full of lots of fun things!  On Friday night, we were lucky enough to get tickets to the Arkansas Naturals baseball game and watch them from our company's suite!  It was awesome!  They provided hotdogs and nachos and drinks, along with an incredible view of the game!  Caleb had a ton of fun at his first baseball game ever.  Nick's dad was able to join us also.  Every Friday night after the game, they do a fireworks show - a great one at that!  It was a full-fledged display that lasted for a good ten minutes.  It was so fun to enjoy a gorgeous night of weather, watching America's favorite past time.  :)

On Saturday, we worked on our house and laundry and I got to nap with Caleb.  That evening, we went to the park for a walk and ended up in downtown Siloam Springs at Fratelli's Pizza.  They make brick-oven pizzas with unique toppings.  We sat outside and had delicious pizza, followed up with a shared cup of peanut butter cup gelato.  Yum! 

Mother's Day was on Sunday and Caleb (with a little, ok, a lot of help from Daddy) made me some pancakes for breakfast, then we came home from church and made some delicious lunch!  Thanks for the recipe Carol Spenst!  (insert link)  We made "Fabulous Chicken" and "Veggie Bars."  They were delicious!  I finished off the day with another nap cuddling with my little baby boy.  It was a perfect weekend and I'm so glad to have enjoyed my first mother's day with my boys.  :)  I LOVE being a mom and a wife!

Monday morning came around with a weigh-in for the weight loss competition at work.  After all that delicious food over the weekend I was so nervous that I had gained from the previous weigh in.  But no!  I had lost 3.2 lbs!!  This makes a total of 14.1 lbs lost over the past 6 weeks!  I need to amp up the exercise (which is at zero - hard to do with a full time job and a baby and unpacking a house - but it can be done).  I know I won't win the competition, but I'm just happy to be making better decisions on what to eat and also the size of my portions!  We have one more week and a few days til the end of the work competition, but I'm gonna continue this pattern and keep on losing! 

Last piece of news - Caleb is getting a tooth/teeth coming in!!!  Poor baby is never really fussy, but had a hard night on Tuesday.  We went to Tyler and Robyn's house for a gender-revealing-cake-party!  They are having a boy and planning on naming him Ethan Paul.  We are so excited for them and Caleb can't wait to meet his new playmate/huntin & fishin buddy! 

Here are some random pictures of Caleb from the last few weeks (we finally found our camera in a misc box):

Frowny face.

Hanging out with Steve-o.

It looks like I caught him doing something he shouldn't have been doing!  haha!

A double rainbow from a rainstorm a few days ago.  Can you see the second rainbow?

6 months old!

He's sitting up by himself!  It only lasts a few minutes before he starts leaning and finally falls sideways.

At the Naturals game:

Wow, that was a lot of pictures!  Mostly for the grandmas.  :)  Hopefully we'll be able to post pictures of our new house all set up soon.  


  1. His new hair looks a lot lighter in these pics! so cute!

  2. haha! i love the guilty pictures of him!