Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Half Birthday Caleb!

We are working on getting all settled in to our new place.  It's taking a long time!  We haven't been home very much for one thing, and for another - we have too much stuff!!!!!!  Seriously...we've only been married 2 1/2 years (almost) and I can't believe how much we have accumulated in that time.  We are going to be buried in boxes forever!!!!  (Ok, not forever - just a long time!).  I am so ready to be totally settled in and feel completely comfortable in our new place. 

In other news...
We had our last Sunday at First Christian Church Gravette.  It was a wonderful last Sunday there and we do miss the people.  Our dear friend Sandy was so kind to throw us a reception. It was just beautiful and she put a lot of hard work into it.  We appreciated all the cards, kind wishes and delicious cake & punch!  We are so grateful for this great place to serve at for the past 2 years.   The Lord has truly been good to us.  

Nick will be starting his CPE class next month.  CPE stands for Clinical Pastoral Education and he will have a class meeting every other Friday and will have to complete 400 clinical hours as an on-call chaplain at one of the hospitals in NWA (Northwest Arkansas - for you out-of-state-ers). He is very excited to begin this new adventure and get back to learning.

My parents came the weekend before last to help us get settled into our new house even more.  Mom helped a TON in the kitchen and Dad and Nick repaired/built part of the fence for the backyard.  We still have a long ways to go, but we're getting there!  We had a blast playing games and going to the Dogwood Festival with my parents and we sure appreciate their help!!  I bet it was so boring for them to come and play with their grandson.  :)

Caleb turned 6 months old on Friday!  Wow - time sure does fly!  I love him more and more each second and he just melts my heart. I absolutely LOVE being a mom!!  I love every thing about it!
Here is what Caleb's up to now that he's 6 months:
- 28 1/2 in long (96th percentile)
- 18 lbs. 6 oz. (66th percentile)
- Head circumference (17 1/2" (70th percentile)
- He squeals all the time and loves to talk!
- He gives his mommy big, slobbery, open-mouthed cheek kisses.  So sweet.
- He grabs his feet and rolls around.  He also pulls his feet right to his mouth. Babies are so flexible!
- He is eating baby food now and loving it!  Here's what we've tried: carrots, green beans, peas, bananas, applesauce, pears, squash, sweet potatoes, peaches
- He loves to jump in his little play exersaucer thingy-ma-jig
- Wearing size 3 diapers
- We're trying a new formula. Enfamil Prosobee (about $6 cheaper and so far it's working great!).
- Wearing 6-9 months/9-12 months clothing.
- No teeth yet, but there are a few that are so so close to poking through.
- Sleeping great still
- Very smiley, attentive, drooly
- He is grabbing faces, mouths, earrings, necklaces, anything he can find
- He is almost sitting up completely on his own.
- He's still got blue eyes.  
- Can make the blub, blub, blub sound when you move your finger up and down on his lips. So cute!
We finally got a washer and dryer!!!  First load is in the wash!   

And finally, a message from Caleb:
 v hdfyxbbui xdbyu xcvui cvZtxc tty8uhb h  er  uir vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvkinnufnu

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  1. congrats on the new house and I can't believe your little man is already 6months!