Thursday, June 16, 2011

Caleb - 7 months

My sweet little baby turned 7 months old a week and a half ago (I wrote most of this post then and forgot to do the actual posting part).  Wow! Time sure flies.  I feel like I was just writing about him turning 3 months old yesterday.

Here's what Caleb is up to as a 7 month old:
Sitting up all by himself (only a few topples)
Rolling all over, kind of scooting around (he can do a whole 360!)
Still giving kisses to Mommy
Grabbing feet - putting in mouth
Talking, smiling, squealing
Few rough nights (probably due to teething)
2 teeth - second one is just now poking through (both are front bottom teeth)
Still sucks in the bottom lip for pictures
Loves baths/swimming
Loves to eat
Wearing 9-12 month clothes
Very curious
Almost mobile (started scooting backward)
Grabs everything, and I mean EVERYTHING
Likes to sleep on tummy (even if we put him on his back, he'll roll right over and fall asleep on his tummy)

We sure love our little cutie pa-tootie!

Here are our monthly pictures with the Cardinals bear from Great Grandpa & Grandma Braschler:


P.S. - I have so many half-finished blog posts that need pictures added or more time or I'll hopefully be catching up this weekend, so there will be lots more coming! Stay tuned!  (I know you all are sitting on the edge of your seats waiting in anticipation!  You'll just have to wait a little longer.)       :)


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