Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day weekend, we made the trek up to Wichita to see our families.  It's always so great to be around them - difficult to time-share (with both families in the same town) but we're so grateful each is so close to the other.  And they sure do love our little boy well.  :) 

Friday night we spent with Nick's family and played some pool while Caleb got loved on by his Nana. 
Saturday morning we had delicious cinnamon rolls and got to relax and I got to take my time getting ready (which is a rare thing these days).  Nick went fishing with his dad and brother Jake, while Claudia, Caleb and I watched TV movies, relaxed chatted.  The boys were back within 45 minutes with a string full of fish!  We fried them up for lunch.  Fresh fish is the best!  We napped, played pool, hung out until we headed over to my parents' house to celebrate my aunt and uncle's 30th anniversary.

My sweet cousins threw a surprise 30th anniversary party for my Aunt Donna (my mom's sister) and Uncle Rick.  There was tons of delicious food and wonderful people - family and church folk. :)  Before Rick & Donna arrived, my cousin Ashley and my sister Hollie put on some special attire.  Ashley had snuck in to her parent's house and found Donna's wedding dress and my mom still had the bridesmaid dress she wore at Donna's wedding, and Hollie wore that.  It was so fun!
Caleb was loved on so much once again.  There was one point where he got upset, and cried and cried and Ashley's 2 year old little boy, Gavin was so sweet.  He joined Caleb on my aunt's lap and put his arm around Caleb and even gave him a kiss on the cheek!!  It was the cutest thing I've ever seen.  And Caleb stopped crying!  Then, Caleb reached over and patted Gavin back on the shoulder.  So sweet.  :)  What good boys we have. 

Here are some good family friends from church in Wichita.  The Seiwerts, Heereys and half of the Wilburs.  :)  We love these wonderful couples!!  (This is for you Janalee!!!)  

 Caleb having fun with Great Grandpa Willis!  I love this picture.  :)

Sunday brought church, Carlos O'Kelley's, decorating the graves of my Grandpa Goetz and my Grandma Willis (I sure do miss them a lot) and some Hand & Foot with the Goetzes (I've never known how to make "Goetz" plural --- Mom???) and my Grandpa Willis. Hand & Foot is THE card game for this family.  Best ever.

On Monday we slept in, took Claudia belated birthday shopping at the best accessory store ever, Dustee's.  They have all kinds of purses and jewelry in every color you could ever imagine.  And these awesome watches that I've heard so much about from my mom and Nick's mom.  I just had to get one for myself! 

Then we met my family at Chipotle for the best burrito ever and had some delicious dessert back at the Braschlers (along with some more pool).  My Grandma Goetz even got in on the pool table action!

Then it was time to head back to Arkansas.  Caleb did wonderful on the car rides to and from and slept great as well. 


  1. Look at Caleb's light hair! Precious!

  2. I must say those Wichita church friends are mighty good looking people! Bet they are smart too! An honor to be "featured" on your blog!