Monday, June 20, 2011

Picture Perfect Summer Day

Last Sunday we had the picture perfect summer day.  It started off with church and then Robyn & Tyler came over for lunch.  We had chicken and shrimp kabobs (with pineapple, onions & green peppers) on the grill, cheesy mashed potatoes, and garlic biscuits.  Yum! 

Then we spent the afternoon out in our kiddie blow-up pool (which Caleb loved!), soaking up the rays and enjoying cooling off.  All of us, except Caleb, got a little crispy.  But it sure was nice to relax in the water!

Here's one of the wet, drooly kisses from Caleb for his mommy.  

Sportin' the swimmin trunks.

 Then we enjoyed some dirt cake (oreo pudding dessert).  After that, we headed out to City Lake to catch some fish.  I was the only one who didn't catch any fish - but I was watching my own wiggly little baby fish.  :)  It was nice to be outside and take a moment to enjoy the view.  

After fishing, we headed back to our house and had some delicious Eureka Pizza, while we chilled out with a movie, after a long day.  We were wiped out by the end of it.  What a picture perfect summer day!  (Especially for a girl who can't wait for fall to arrive...)


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