Thursday, July 14, 2011

Love and Marriage

We returned Monday night from a fun trip to KC.  Caleb and I headed to Wichita on Thursday after I got off work and spent the night there before I headed out to KC for my college friend Amber's wedding.  Nick had his CPE class (clinical pastoral education) Friday, so he just met me up there at the rehearsal dinner. 

 It was so fun to see all my friends from college.  I really miss those girls!  We had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (Chick-fil-a!) Friday night, followed by the bachelorette party!  Saturday morning brought pedicures and Red Robin (yum!).  It was really nice to be pampered for the morning.  My feet are pretty sensitive and extremely ticklish, so I was a little nervous about the pedicure, but my lady did a great job and I only squirmed a couple of times!  :)  Then the big event was on Sunday afternoon!!!!!  It was really beautiful (and hot & sweaty) and a lot of fun!  Congratulations Amber and Antony!!  It was such a great time to be reunited with those girls and to see a lot of my JBU friends that I haven't seen in a long time.  

This was at the rehearsal.

Doesn't Amber look like a model here?  I just LOVE that outfit!!

Giving directions to the bridesmaids.

Amber & her daddy.

The wedding was at the Unity Village Chapel in Unity Village, Missouri.  It was a very pretty place with fountains and lots of beautiful landscaping and architecture.

The bridesmaids. 

The bride getting pampered on Saturday morning.  :)

A cute sign and some cake - courtesy of the nail salon.  

At Red Robin!  They altered their birthday song to make it a "Happy Wedding Day" song.  (or I guess it was day before wedding day...)

The beautiful bride and her family!!  She looked stunning!

Nick was in charge of the camera during the ceremony (I was handing out programs) and this is the only picture he got.  It doesn't quite capture the magic (or the heat) of the day.  :) 

Me with the hubs.

They had the reception out at Amber's parent's house, in an old barn on the property that they had restored.  It was so pretty!

The Reimers.  They're so cute.

Time for cake!

Pretty in pink.

The bride's friends.  :)  Together again!

Please excuse the sweat look that I'm sporting here.  My hair was suffering from the same look.  But Amber still looks great, doesn't she??

I snuck in a shot behind the photographer's back... shh, don't tell.

And that's all the pictures I have!!!  What a fun weekend!  Nick and I did have a date night Saturday that I'll post more about later.  And meanwhile, Caleb got spoiled rotten by his grandparents.  :)  And aunts and uncle.  


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