Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Addition to the Family!

On our weekend to Wichita last weekend, we also brought home a surprise new addition to the family!  That's right, a puppy!  We weren't expecting this to happen right now, but the opportunity arose and we took it.  

Here's the story as I understand it: Nick's Aunt Sherri used to breed dachshunds and knows someone who knows someone who breeds labs (which is what our current dog, Maggie Pearl, is).  Apparently, this man found out he had to move to Alaska and had about 2 weeks to get ready.  Out of a litter of 11 pups, he was able to sell some and had 6 left.  Then he started giving them away.  Now, these are registered labs that normally sell for around $350, so it was a great deal.  Aunt Sherri called Todd (Nick's Dad) to see if he wanted one.  He did, and we did too.  Nick's brother, Jake, happened to be in a nearby town in Missouri and was coming back to Wichita on Sunday and was able to bring the puppies with them.  Since we already have a female yellow lab, we opted for the last male lab left in the litter so we can possibly breed them someday.  

Let me introduce you to the newest addition to the Braschler house, Boone. 

Caleb's seems to like him.  He'll crawl over to wherever Boone is, but when we let Caleb pet Boone, he gets a little unsure but kind of excited and pretty clingy to me, or whoever is holding him.  

side note: Look at my little boy standing up!!!

Isn't he cute?


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