Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Worlds of Fun in KC!!!

While we were in Kansas City 2 weekends ago for the wedding of my friend Amber, Nick and I had most of Saturday for a Nick&Val day.  We went to Worlds of Fun and spent several hours riding the roller coasters and other fun rides that are at an amusement park.  It was so fun!!!!!  We really did have a blast.  It was just him and I and a park full of people.  Luckily, there weren't tons of people there (I think the heat had run off a bunch & we were there after 4:00 - can you say discounted price?) so the lines weren't very long at all.  And it wasn't terribly hot, I mean it was hot, but it wasn't unbearable. 
I grew up going to lots of amusement parks with my family and we're excited to continue the tradition of that with Caleb (and whoever else might come along) someday.  I have many fond memories with my family that I hope our little family can make for our kids as well. 

This was actually at Kohl's.  We went on a little shopping spree.  I tried on this hat.  But I bought some shoes.

The first ride we went on.  Spinning dragons or something like that.  :) 

The Mamba.  This roller coaster was super fun!  Unfortunately, we only got to ride it once before one of the trains had a loose wheel and they had to shut it down.  But I'd much rather them shut it down than for it to fly off the track due to a loose wheel.  Especially if I was on it. 

My date for the day.  :)  And for life.

This was called the Detonator.  Awesome.  It just drops you and you get that crazy sensation of free-falling.  So fun!

A chicken hat in honor of Simmons (that's where we work).

A pizza hat in honor of Eureka Pizza (where Nick used to be a manager).

A fish.  Just because.

We asked a young worker to take our picture.  Out of all the pictures he took, this was the least blurry.  I know...

It was such a great weekend and a wonderful memory with my sweet hubby!!  I love having fun days like this and look forward to many more!!


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