Monday, August 15, 2011

Caleb - 9 months

My little baby turned 9 months last week!  Can't believe it already!  Here are the stats from his 9 month checkup (and no shots! - at least until the one-year dr visit):

Length: 29.5 inches, 75-90 percentile
Weight: 20.9 lbs (or 20 lbs, 9 1/2 oz, not sure exactly how that scale worked), around 50th percentile
Head circumference: 18 inches, just above 50th percentile

Here's what our little man has been up to during his 8th and 9th months (yes, I realize I forgot to post about his 8th month, but we'll just roll these together):
- pulling up to standing in crib, pack n play, tub, couch, etc. - he's so big and strong!
- crawling everywhere. and fast! (it's amazing to me how he can spot a teeny tiny little piece of something on the floor from a ways away and zoom right over to it and automatically have it in his mouth! - keeps us on our toes!)
- talking a lot more
- takes steps w/ mom and dad's help
- trying so hard to say "ma" and "da" (we think he almost said "da da" the other day, but I'm not sure it's baby book material yet)
- laughing more - what a sweet sound!
- sleeping great
- loves bath time
- loves our new puppy Boone, in the cage, but still a little unsure when he's out in the open
- getting into everything, and I mean everything!
- tell him "no" and he smiles or giggles
- size 3 diapers, but will move up to size 4 when we run out of 3 (which will be in just a few days)
- 12-18 month clothing
- goes through bibs like crazy (spit-up, drool, you name it!)
- loves to eat (baby food, puffs, little baby yogurt bites, and the doc said we can start introducing table food!)
- acts shy sometimes
- squeals in happiness (especially in restaurants - his timing is great)
- loves his blanket & musical bear/dog that puts him to sleep
- is content to sit and play w/ toys most of the time, but he sure doesn't like to be alone!  :)
- loves to watch the dogs
- clapping on his own (this is so much fun!)  - see video
- smacks his lips

I realize these pictures are not the greatest.  It's hard to get a wiggly, roly poly 9 month old to stay still for more than 5 seconds. 

And yes, this one is upside down, not sure how to turn it, but he it's probably the best one, so just stand on your head for a hot second.

Please pay no attention to the little owie on his nose.  We had a little fall and it is all cleared up now!  Mommy feels bad enough...

These are his 8 month pictures I never got around to posting.


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