Friday, August 19, 2011

Flea Market Fun

A few weekends ago we decided to take a drive through NW Arkansas and do some flea market/antique store shopping.  This area is full of these kinds of places and we had a blast going to each place!  Here's what we came away with:

A wine rack for our kitchen.  We're not big wine drinkers, so this is really just a decorative piece.  (I don't remember the price)

A cool basket.  Right now it's above the kitchen cabinets, but I haven't really intentionally decorated up there, so who knows where this might end up. (I think like $2-3)

Some puzzles for Caleb.  He loves them already! ($2 ea)

A cabinet for the kitchen.  We moved our microwave over here and put some of those bulky small appliances inside.  It's helps save so much space! ($60)

Nick got a fishing pole rack for all the fishing poles ($15). 

And an old window thing (it was $2).  I think I may paint it white and hang it on a wall somewhere.

Also, not pictured: a fall wreath (I LOVE FALL!!!) for $4, a Christmas wreath (I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!) for $4 or so, a cute little wooden duck for Caleb's room ($3), and a few Christmas gifts we can't reveal until after Christmas!!

Overall it was a great trip, a fun day spent with my hubby and Caleb, and some good buys!


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