Thursday, August 4, 2011

My favorite things: 2nd edition

1.  Iced coffee
I have recently started following the Pioneer Woman's blog and I am in love with it.  She is totally legit (I know, this word is totally a fad and overused and here I am using it...proudly.) when it comes to all things food and cooking and in this case, drinks.  Here is her iced coffee recipe and I am completely hooked!  I make a fourth of the recipe at a time and it usually makes about 4 mason jars full of the coffee concentrate.  So delicious on these HOT summer days. 

***Disclaimer: This is Pioneer Woman's picture, not my own.  :)

2.  Coffee ice cream
Apparently I'm into coffee and cold-related things.  My mom has made this coffee ice cream pie that is to die for (I'll make it and post a recipe someday) and I've been dreaming about it all summer long.  I just never could find actual coffee ice cream.  I mean, Walmart had mocha mudslide, but that wasn't gonna cut it for me.  I wanted the real deal.  I hopped on over to Harp's (the grocery store here in town) and found the goods.  I looked and looked and stared at the shelves of ice cream - drooling at all the flavors (it was the hottest day of the year, mind you) - and just had to have it.  Finally, I spotted one beautiful, lucious carton of Blue Bell coffee ice cream.  Oh my.  I grabbed it up and didn't look back.  I did happen to make another one of the Pioneer Woman's recipes, Frozen Cappuccino Cups with the ice cream last night because I had everything on hand and wanted to try it real quick.  Let me tell you, DELICIOUS! 

***Disclaimer: This is Pioneer Woman's picture, not my own.  :)

3. Air conditioning
Thank you Lord, for allowing me to live and work in a place that has air conditioning.  I don't take that lightly.  As you all know and have been experiencing, we have been having some ultra hot days around here.  Like melt-your-face, no-sense-watering-anything, I-think-these-sweat-stains-will-never-go-away kind of heat.  I am so grateful to have a working air conditioner.  I guess I wouldn't have made it in the olden days, the covered wagon would not have cut it.  Also, I'm a natural born fall girl.  I live for the fall; for crisp, cool air; for winter and snow; for the feeling of the holidays; for fall/winter decor; for all the yummy holiday treats; for cool weather and warm blankets, hot drinks; football; crunchy, colorful leaves; I could go on and on (obviously).  How many days til fall? 

4. My cowboys
Love, love, love these pictures and the memory that goes along with them.  Nothing better.

5. Oil absorbant sheets
To soak up the glimmer (sweat) and oil that comes along with the hot weather.  It gives you a refreshed feeling.  I got this little pack of 'em in a freebie giveaway bag from the new Ulta store in Wichita at New Market Square.  

6.  Reading blogs
I probably spend way too much time reading blogs (as I'm sure my sweet hubby would agree), but I love it.  I don't think I can really explain it, but I love having a glimpse into other people's homes and lives.  I love having a way to connect and stay in touch with other people I don't see very much.  I love having a common bond with other women who are going through the same things I go through and thinking the same things I am.  You can see a list of my favorites on the right side of my blog.  

7.  Emptying boxes
Now I have to clarify this.  I love the feeling of seeing the bottom of a box, meaning it is empty.  I don't love the process of getting to that point.  But, last week, we finally emptied all the boxes in the hallway and it couldn't feel better!!  We never realized how wide our hallway was until a few days ago.  Small victories...  :)

These are a few of my favorite things as of right now... 

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