Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Girls' Day!

On Saturday, Robyn and I had a girls' day.  I wanted to treat her to a relaxing day full of pampering and fun.  Nick was kind enough to watch Caleb for most of the day.  We started the day off by heading to Fayetteville for pedicures.  We had quite the adventure, resulting in hilarity, finding the nail salon (no thanks to Google maps), and after a 45 minute drive to Fayetteville and then 30 minutes driving up and down the same road with no luck, and almost giving up and heading back to our safe Siloam Springs, we finally found it on the other side of the highway.  And I have to say it was quite worth it.  It was probably the best pedicure I've ever had.  I'm one of those don't-you-dare-touch-my-feet-or-I-will-kick-you-into-the-next-room kind of people.  My feet are ultra-sensitive and very ticklish (don't get any ideas...) and I didn't hardly squirm at all!!  It was so nice to be pampered a little bit. 
Then we had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's (yum!) and headed back to Siloam to get Caleb (Nick was on call at the hospital) and head to the movies to watch The Help (after getting snacks and drinks at Walgreens of course - thanks Robyn!).  It was a great movie, that is - the first half that I saw was really really great.  Little Caleb decided not to cooperate and make lots of noise, so he and mommy got to spend most of it in the hallway.  I guess what else can you expect from a 10 month old through a 2 1/2 hr movie?  If it was just us in there, I could easily ignore the noises, but I don't think the other movie-goers would appreciate that very much. 
We headed back to our house after the movie and watched TV, had some girl talk, made chicken tortilla soup and watched some more TV.  It was a great day and so nice to treat ourselves a little bit.  We are so excited to meet little Jackson Paul Braschler and eagerly await his arrival!  She is currently 36 weeks along and due October 19th and has had lots of contractions/braxton hicks in the last few weeks, so he could come anytime!  (...but if he just wanted to wait until right after the baby shower on October 1st, that would be great - thanks Jackson!).  :) 
I was bad and didn't take any pictures, so just use your imagination here.  :) 

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  1. YAY! It was a wonderful day! Thank you for everything!
    Oh man, we really should have taken pictures... I'm really bad about that too! Next time ;)
    Love you Val!