Monday, September 12, 2011

Rebuilding a Fence for Our Escape Artist

So, our dog Maggie has escaped from the yard a lot in the last 2 months.  And that is frustrating.  In fact, it just happened again around lunchtime about a month ago.  We think she's gotten a taste of freedom and the outside world when she's been on walks and that just makes her want a little more...and she may be in heat, making her hormones run a little wild.  She's gotten out of the yard several times since we've moved.  Little Boone doesn't follow her, surprisingly enough. 

Her first time getting out was one night when Nick was on call.  I had fed and watered her (this was before Boone) and even played a little fetch with her.  I got up the next morning and she was nowhere to be found.  Luckily, Nick found her somewhere in the neighborhood on his way home the next morning.  Another time, I get a call from Caleb's daycare (several blocks and across a busy street from our house) and they said Caleb was fine, but they had our dog.  Seriously?!  She had escaped and somehow made her way to Caleb's daycare.  They said they get a lot of dogs, surprisingly enough.  Maybe she was looking for Caleb.  The time before last was the worst.  She somehow got out another evening that Nick was on call and after driving around for quite awhile, I decided to call it quits for the evening.  I didn't sleep well that night and woke up a couple times and checked outside just in case she came back.  Nick's brother, Tyler actually drove around a little too and put an announcement on facebook with Nick's number on it.  (Her tag still has the address of our old house and no phone number - that will soon change).  Luckily, a sweet couple called the next day (this is almost 24 hrs later) and had found her about 2 miles away, looked up Nick's name online and found Tyler's post with his number and called them.  I hear they also stumbled across this blog, so if you're reading this - Thank you! (and thank you to Tyler for posting that message!) 

We had figured out where we thought she was getting out.  We thought she was leaning against the gate and squeezing out through the bottom.  Our fence is pretty ricket-y, so Nick decided to tear that side down and rebuild it.  He started this the minute he got home from picking Maggie up from that sweet couple's house and had it almost finished by that night.  He did a great job and it's much more sturdy!  Here are some pics...


The demolition...

Almost done!

All the ricket-y old wood.

Just needs a gate!

My hubby with his finished project!

Much better and more sturdy.

Don't worry, he did add a piece on the far right side, I just got too antsy with my pics.

Caleb and Boone decided to help out.

See?  There's the little piece on the far right.

The babies.  :)

Not sure what he's doing here...

Probably eating grass or leaves in this picture.  Yum.

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  1. That's amazing that Maggie went to Caleb's daycare! So crazy! Also, I bet you could find some cute craft to do with that old wood! Maybe a vintage-y sign or something?