Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekend: Football, Crafts & Shopping

Last weekend we ventured out to the Siloam Springs HS football game.  It was a perfect fall evening for football!!  Unfortunately, we played a really good team and got beat, but it was fun to be outside and watch a good game. 
On Saturday, my wonderful hubby braved the crowds as we headed out to the War Eagle Craft Fair.  This last weekend was craft fair weekend in NWA and it is a huge deal.  I wish we had more days to hit all the other fairs.  There are probably about 6+ around the area, but the War Eagle fair is the biggest.  We went through 4 enormous tents, then crossed the bridge and there was a whole other craft fair!!  The booths went on and on.  It was a beautiful day and Caleb and Nick were great sports about the whole thing.  We were one of "those people" with a stroller, but it was nice to have to carry all of our purchases.  Here are some of the goodies we came home with:
I got these 3 things at the same place.  I probably could have bought so much more here, but I had to reel myself it.  It was one of my favorite booths.  We have always dreamed about living in a cabin-y house out on some land (maybe someday that dream will be a reality...) and I love the cozy feel of cabin decor.  I think I will slowly transition our stuff to reflect that.  We honeymooned in a cabin - it's just who we are I guess.  We love it.  :) 

I'd like to put these on the mantle.

We also might have got a cute apron for me (for Christmas), a wallet for Nick (also for Christmas), and one other Christmas gift that will be revealed over the holidays.  :) 

On Sunday, Caleb and I headed to Springdale to check out another craft fair, hoping to get some more Christmas presents, but unfortunately it must have ended on Saturday because the parking lot was empty.  So then I thought, "Well, why I'm here, why don't I go check out Hobby Lobby and use my gift card from Mamaw?"  For those of you who were thinking it, yes, Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays.  I completely forgot.  So then I was left wondering what to do because I had already made the 25 minute drive from Siloam to look at a few closed buildings.  Luckily, I ran into a Rhea Lana sale right there in Springdale!  Now this was my first experience with it and it was a good one.  For those who don't know, Rhea Lana is a consignment/resale event for children's items.  They have tons of clothes, toys and furniture for a great price!  Since kids grow out of their clothes so quickly, they're almost always in great shape! 
Here are my finds:

2 coats ($6 each)

A cute little dress up suit outfit.  ($7)

and I couldn't leave without this soft camo shirt ($3)

It was a great weekend full of lots of fun buys! 


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