Monday, November 28, 2011

Caleb - One Year Old

Here's what Caleb is up to now that he is a one year old! 

- Knows where his tongue is.  He'll stick it out when we say, "Caleb, where's your tongue?"
- He makes the most hilarious, terrifying face when you ask him to make a face.
- He likes to play peek a boo with a blanket and even just started to cover his own face up with the blanket and wait for you to say, "Where's Caleb?"
- He knows where his belly, ears, hair and sometimes feet (we used to have this one down pat, but he's kind of forgotten it) are when you ask him to point to them.
- He can say "mama" and "dada".  It just melts my heart!
- He loves to give high fives.  It is a great trick to use when he is whiny.  Makes him smile everytime. 
- Still loves to dance.
- Kisses everyone, even his toys! (and the babies at daycare!)
- He can put toys away in the bath and some in the living room! 
- He is eating table food now and drinking milk & juice (no more expensive formula, hooray!). 
- He's been bit a few times at daycare which is not very fun to know, but I realize that is the stage of life a lot of kids his age are in.  Luckily, Caleb hasn't bit anyone!
- He usually takes about one nap a day, about 2 hours.  Sometimes he'll take one after he eats dinner (or even before) and sometimes he'll come home and fall asleep after about 15 minutes and sleep all the way until the next morning!  I think the few times he did this were because he was getting a tooth in.
- He has started taking several steps at once and will be walking all over very soon!!!
- He's got 4 teeth poking through on the top now!  This makes a total of 6 teeth.  These 4 are all coming in during the same week, but he's been so wonderful and you can hardly tell he's getting 4 teeth in at once!

Here are his one year check-up stats:
Height:   - 95th percentile!
Weight: 22 lbs 9 oz - 50th percentile!
Just like his daddy.  :)  He's definitely a Braschler.

Here are our monthly pictures with bear.  Caleb doesn't like to cooperate for the pics.  These are the best I got and daddy helped on the last few.  

He escaped to his jumper thing and started playing the music.

He started dancing and thought it was so hilarious.

Best one!

Crawling away...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Family Craft

On Sunday we had a family craft day to celebrate fall and Thanksgiving.  Caleb had fun at first and then got a little distressed.  I think he wanted to have free reign with the paint.  Ain't gonna happen.  :)   Here is my little craft-baby wearing one of my shirts to help combat the sure-to-happen paint-spillage. 

Showing me his tongue.  It's a new body part we just learned. 

I rolled up his sleeves.  Pretty sure that look means, "Really, Mom?  Only girls wear their shirts like this."

My hubby was wonderful in helping and joining in on the craft!

Caleb's little turkeys.

Washing off the brown paint:

This was the technique we used to get Caleb's handprint turkey and fingerprint feathers.  Worked pretty well too!

A little distressed... 

Time for Daddy Turkey!

And Mommy Turkey!

The family of turkeys:

The finished product.  We had fun making these to send out to all our family! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Saltine Toffee

**Please note -- when I first published this post, I left out one little step for the recipe.  (Bring butter and brown sugar to a boil for 3 minutes and do not stir).  

We had a holiday open house in downtown Siloam Springs last weekend and at one of the stores, Heather Hill Clothing, the store's owner, Heather Lanker, had some delicious treats.  I asked her about them and she said it was toffee made with saltine crackers and it was super easy!  I got to checking online and found a recipe.  I must say that this is one of the easiest things to make, but it is so scrumptious and perfect for the holidays!  And it only has 4 ingredients (or 5 if you want nuts)!

Here is the recipe:
Chocolate Saltine Toffee

- Saltine crackers
- 1 cup butter (2 sticks)
- 1 cup brown sugar (dark brown sugar is suggested in this recipe, but I just used light brown sugar, which is what I had on hand.
- Chocolate chips

I suggest putting foil on a cookie sheet first and then spraying with non-stick spray.  It makes cleaning up so much easier.
Then, spread your crackers on the pan.

In a saucepan, melt 2 sticks of butter.

Then add one cup of brown sugar.

Stir it all together.

Once it's all melted, **let it boil for 3 minutes, without stirring***, then pour the butter & sugar mixture over your crackers.  It's ok if you don't cover every inch, because you're going to stick it in the oven and it should spread out some more.  Oh yeah, preheat your oven to 400 degrees. 

Now bake that for 5-6 minutes.  Once you take it out of the oven, put the chocolate chips on top and let them sit for a minute to start melting.  Once they start to melt, spread them over the top of the crackers.

Yum!  If you want to add nuts, just sprinkle them on the top after the chocolate.  Now, let it cool completely and it should harden up a bit.  Then, break it into pieces and enjoy!  Seriously, these are awesome and so so easy!  You can even wrap them up and hand them out to friends and neighbors for the holiday season. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Giving Glory

At work we have a once-a-month Bible study called "Faith in the Workplace."  We're going through A Purpose Driven Life, which I have never read although it's a fairly well-known book.  Last month's lesson was on glorifying God.  There was a thought that struck me as we read and talked.  The author, Rick Warren, says that the birds glorify God by doing what God made them to do - even as they fly, chirp, build nests, etc, they are glorifying Him.  Birds glorify God by doing what birds do.  In that same thought, we glorify God by doing what He created us to do.  Sometimes I can make that way more complicated than it is.  I can glorify God in the way I take care of my family, love others, work, through accounting, even doing laundry and cooking dinner.  God has given us skills and gifts that we are to use to His glory.  We are to be good stewards of those gifts.  I am continually in awe that God chose me to be Caleb's mom, to be Nick's wife, to be Brad & Linda's daughter, and on and on.  But most of all, He chose me to be his child.  He sent His son, Jesus, so little ol' me could spend eternity with Him.  Now why do I worry about what I will be wearing for the day?  Or that I didn't update my blog in several days?  Or that I haven't checked facebook in the last 3 hours? 
Shouldn't I focus my time and energy on Him in everything?  On bringing Him glory?  On living in a way that shows others just how incredible God really is?  But I can do that even in the little things.  I can give Him glory in doing dishes, and laundry, and making spreadsheets, and dinner.  I want to be a Proverbs 31 woman.  For God and for my family.  So that my creator receives the glory in everything I do.  So that He becomes more and I become less.  I want to create healthy habits in my spiritual life in the way I love God and love others.  I want to follow my mom's example as an incredible prayer warrior. 
I can only do these things through God's grace.  Thank you Lord, for loving me more than I deserve - even though I'm a sinner.  Thank you for sending your Son for me.  Help me to become the woman you created me to be.  Help me to live my life to your glory.  I praise you from the deepest parts of my heart and soul.  In Jesus' name, Amen.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Caleb's Birthday Fun Day

Here are some pictures from Caleb's birthday week:

Hanging out with dad while he plays his guitar.  

Someday these two will be having jam sessions...  :)

We took Caleb to downtown Siloam on his actual birthday.  We headed to the park for some swinging and sliding.  It was a beautiful day!

I just love this picture.

There was one point where Caleb wasn't too happy about the swing.  Priceless.

We tried a family picture with all the fall colors in the background.  This is attempt #1.  Caleb had just pulled a chunk of my hair out.  That boy is strong!

I put his shoes right next to the camera.  It worked!  He is fascinated with his shoes.  

Here is our little family on Caleb's 1st birthday!