Monday, November 28, 2011

Caleb - One Year Old

Here's what Caleb is up to now that he is a one year old! 

- Knows where his tongue is.  He'll stick it out when we say, "Caleb, where's your tongue?"
- He makes the most hilarious, terrifying face when you ask him to make a face.
- He likes to play peek a boo with a blanket and even just started to cover his own face up with the blanket and wait for you to say, "Where's Caleb?"
- He knows where his belly, ears, hair and sometimes feet (we used to have this one down pat, but he's kind of forgotten it) are when you ask him to point to them.
- He can say "mama" and "dada".  It just melts my heart!
- He loves to give high fives.  It is a great trick to use when he is whiny.  Makes him smile everytime. 
- Still loves to dance.
- Kisses everyone, even his toys! (and the babies at daycare!)
- He can put toys away in the bath and some in the living room! 
- He is eating table food now and drinking milk & juice (no more expensive formula, hooray!). 
- He's been bit a few times at daycare which is not very fun to know, but I realize that is the stage of life a lot of kids his age are in.  Luckily, Caleb hasn't bit anyone!
- He usually takes about one nap a day, about 2 hours.  Sometimes he'll take one after he eats dinner (or even before) and sometimes he'll come home and fall asleep after about 15 minutes and sleep all the way until the next morning!  I think the few times he did this were because he was getting a tooth in.
- He has started taking several steps at once and will be walking all over very soon!!!
- He's got 4 teeth poking through on the top now!  This makes a total of 6 teeth.  These 4 are all coming in during the same week, but he's been so wonderful and you can hardly tell he's getting 4 teeth in at once!

Here are his one year check-up stats:
Height:   - 95th percentile!
Weight: 22 lbs 9 oz - 50th percentile!
Just like his daddy.  :)  He's definitely a Braschler.

Here are our monthly pictures with bear.  Caleb doesn't like to cooperate for the pics.  These are the best I got and daddy helped on the last few.  

He escaped to his jumper thing and started playing the music.

He started dancing and thought it was so hilarious.

Best one!

Crawling away...


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