Thursday, November 3, 2011

Caleb's 1st Birthday!

This post will have lots of pictures.  You have been warned.  :)

This past Saturday we celebrated Caleb's 1st birthday!!  He will actually turn one this coming Sunday, the 6th, but it worked out best for everyone to come Saturday.  We did a farm party theme and had a blast.  Poor baby was sick last week and then had an allergic reaction to the amoxycillin he was given, which we discovered only 3 hours before his party.  Needless to say, he was a little miserable at his own party.  We all had fun though, despite Caleb's itchy, red rash and enjoyed spending the afternoon celebrating our almost-one-year-old.
Here is the party table:

I had so much fun decorating the cake and cupcakes!  I wasn't completely sure whether I should just make 2 tractor cakes (one for Caleb to smash) or do cupcakes, but I am very glad we went with the cupcakes.  The tractor was from a molded cake pan I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  I decorated most of the tractor and all of the cupcakes with plastic baggies with a little hole cut out of a corner.  My sweet SIL, Robyn, let me borrow her cookie decorating tips, which is what I used for the green of the tractor.  For the brown, I used chocolate icing, so it wouldn't be vanilla icing packed full of food coloring, causing a funny taste.  The cupcakes are sheep, cows, pigs, chicks and horses (which a the funniest looking ones). 

Caleb's first gun from the Braschler men.  A Braschler tradition that continues... 

Enjoying his birthday cupcake!

My family.  :)

He ate basically all of it. 

The party animals:

Taylyn started scratching Caleb's itchy, rash-filled back and he just melted into her lap.  It was very sweet.  She will be an excellent babysitter someday!

My awesome cousin, Stephanie (who is a student at JBU), took the rest of these pictures as her gift to Caleb.  I just love the way that she captured the day for us!  We will always have these memories in pictures. 

My Grandpa Willis was a clown for the party.  I asked him to do it a couple of weeks ago - maybe more for me than for Caleb.  He used to dress up every so often for church activities or other things around the community.  He can make balloon animals and tell jokes and do magic tricks.  I really appreciate him coming and being a good sport to dress up!

with Grandpa Goetz:

 Caleb wasn't even scared or shy one bit of Grandpa the Clown!

Here he is itching his head because of the bad rash.  He was doing this almost the whole time.  Poor Caleb.


Proud parents with their one year old.  Sniff...  :)

We were killing some time waiting for Uncle Ty.

Because I'm kind of a cheeseball, and because Caleb usually really likes it, I decided to make everyone get up and dance to the Barnyard Dance (a book we have with a CD to go with it).  Everyone was a great sport and we sure worked up a sweat trying to keep up!

Grandpa the Clown doing his act.

Time for presents!

Caleb's very own guitar!  Yay!

He got pretty miserable and uncomfortable with the rash, so we stripped him down to his "birthday suit + diaper" (how fitting for his birthday party). 

There was one point he just crawled right over to his grammy and wanted her to pick him up.  It really was a sweet moment. 

Then he opened his gift from the Braschler men.  Nick's uncle Paul got all his nephews their first gun on their first birthday, so the tradition continues.  :)  It's a whole new world for me, but I know Caleb will make so many memories with his new .410 (aren't you impressed that I even know that much?!). 

Time for cake! 

Isn't he the cutest?  I just want to kiss those cheeks!!

Hmmm...what will I do as a one-year-old?

Sharing with daddy...

Happy 1st Birthday Caleb!


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