Friday, November 18, 2011

Family Craft

On Sunday we had a family craft day to celebrate fall and Thanksgiving.  Caleb had fun at first and then got a little distressed.  I think he wanted to have free reign with the paint.  Ain't gonna happen.  :)   Here is my little craft-baby wearing one of my shirts to help combat the sure-to-happen paint-spillage. 

Showing me his tongue.  It's a new body part we just learned. 

I rolled up his sleeves.  Pretty sure that look means, "Really, Mom?  Only girls wear their shirts like this."

My hubby was wonderful in helping and joining in on the craft!

Caleb's little turkeys.

Washing off the brown paint:

This was the technique we used to get Caleb's handprint turkey and fingerprint feathers.  Worked pretty well too!

A little distressed... 

Time for Daddy Turkey!

And Mommy Turkey!

The family of turkeys:

The finished product.  We had fun making these to send out to all our family! 

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