Friday, November 11, 2011

A Week of Ailments

I just re-read through this post and it is super long.  Oh well.  It's here to document the goings-on of our family.  And documented it is.  :)

I would like to preface this post by saying we are not the type of family that is sick all the time.  You know, there are some people who seem to always be sick, but I promise we are not those type of people!  :) 

So, last week was quite eventful in the way of ailments for our little family.  Last Tuesday we got a call from the daycare saying that Caleb had thrown up twice and was looking "puny".  I left work early to go pick him up and he sure didn't look like himself.  When you become a mom, you can tell when your child isn't feeling like himself.  It's one of those innate mommy qualities that I'm convinced hits you in the delivery room.  :)  We are fortunate to work for a company that provides clinics around the area to employees and their families.  They are staffed with nurses, doctors and all the basics of an average medical office.  I knew I could get Caleb in there much faster than the pediatrician's office, so we headed over.  When we got there, his temp was 103.2 - pretty high for an almost one year old.  They swabbed his throat for strep (which was a pretty traumatic experience for the poor little guy, resulting in another little throw up experience), which came back negative.  They gave him some amoxycillin and we went home, bathed him twice to try to bring his temp down (his body was burning up) gave some tylenol and prayed for a quick recovery.  He had a massive throw up in the crib right before bed which was pretty fun.  (insert note: My husband rocks at taking care of a sick child.  He truly is an amazing daddy and takes such great care of us).

The next morning, I stayed home with him and he seemed like a much more active little boy and his temp was down to 98.6-99.2ish through most of the day.  It spiked back up to 102 that evening, so we gave him another bath to cool him down.  He slept fine and Nick stayed home with him the next day.  He took him to the pediatrician's office Thursday morning and she said Caleb also had thrush (which is a yeast infection in the mouth that I've heard can be caused by antibiotics).  So the poor baby didn't want to drink or eat much because his mouth hurt so bad.  They gave us some medicine for that too and we gave him some that day.  Friday he was much better and his temp was down, so we took him to daycare.  He did fine all day and then threw up in his crib (they had some special Halloween treats for snack so the goodies might have done the trick) right before I picked him up.  It was all in his hair and everywhere.  We whisked him home to another bath to clean up and then he seemed like his normal, happy self all night.  The Braschlers came to town that night for Caleb's 1st birthday party the next day. 

This week was my first week as a mommy of a sick child.  It's no fun to see your son not feeling well.  And you can definitely tell when he's not acting himself and feeling terrible. 

Saturday morning was busy getting ready for Caleb's party.  He was a little extra whiny and kept on rubbing his hair - and I mean a lot. We thought Nick had taught him where his hair was and we kept looking at his head to see if there was anything wrong.  I was decorating Caleb's cake, and finally about 11 am, he must have been in the right light, but we noticed a red rash all around his hairline and the back of his neck.  Poor baby had been itchy all night long (he even woke himself up itching around 4 am that morning!).  I called my mom (who was about 15 minutes away from Siloam) to ask what to do.  We decided to stop the amoxycillin and give him some benadryl. 

Now I am fully convinced that we experienced a miracle that morning.  I was searching all around for the allergy medicine.  I looked in the kitchen, the bathroom, the closet, the nursery, our bedroom, our bathroom, Caleb's diaper bag, my purse, and again in all the same places.  When I went back in the kitchen, the allergy medicine was sitting on the tray I was working on with Caleb's cake.  God is good.  I almost burst into tears because this was day 5 of my poor baby having some kind of trouble.  It was just one thing after the other.
My parents arrived and we met the Braschlers out to eat for lunch before the big party.  Then we headed back to the house for Caleb's big 1st birthday bash!!!  You can read all about the party here.  He was pretty miserable the whole time.  You could tell he just itched all over.  The rash spread all over his back.  We stripped the birthday boy down to his birthday suit which seemed to help.  He was quite a trooper though and was very happy to have his cupcake. 

Sunday we all headed to church.  My leg had been kind of sore all week (like when your muscles get sore after working out if you haven't done it in awhile - which wasn't the cause of mine because I definitely haven't) but I had just ignored it because I thought I pulled a muscle or something.  Well, Sunday morning it began to hurt pretty badly.  When we stood up to sing after the sermon, I almost fell over because it hurt so bad to straighten it and put weight on it.  I knew something wasn't quite right.  And poor Nick had been up in the bathroom during the night from some sort of bug and wasn't feeling so hot himself.  I limped around church and out to the car. 

We went out to eat with both the families afterward (Nick had so been looking forward to eating his BBQ lunch, but didn't get anything because he was still feeling awfully crummy).  We all sat down and poor Caleb was just laying his head down on the table on his blanket and Nick was in and out of the bathroom (too much information? Maybe...).  I was halfway through my meal when I look over at Caleb across the table and he spews projectile vomit everywhere.  Twice.  Everyone from the table was no longer hungry.  They were all so quick to help and clean up.  We rushed home - I could barely walk, Caleb was feeling puny again and Nick was miserable. 

My parents and grandparents came back and were worried about my leg which had now developed a red streak on it and my parents were concerned it was a blood clot.  Am I 80 years old?!  My dad had one last year and so we thought it better safe than sorry to get it checked out.  Unfortunately it was a Sunday so we had to go to the ER.  My dad and Grandpa took me while mom and Grandma watched Caleb at home and Nick stayed in bed.  We had to wait for the ultrasound tech on call to come in and she did a sonogram of my entire leg.  Then we had to wait for her to send the results to someone who could read it and then call the doctor back and tell us what they found.  Nick came up to the ER while we were there for moral support, but the poor guy was in the bathroom the entire time.  He sure is a sweet hubby, but I told him to go home and take grandpa with him.  They headed out and we waited.  They said no blood clot in the deep veins, which is what the sonogram checked for.  That was good news because those are the serious ones that could travel through the body.  They think it was an inflamed vein (phlebitis) or a superficial clot, which is not worrisome like the other kind.  Anyway, they sent me off with antibiotics and pain meds and told me to keep my leg elevated with a heating pad.  We are so grateful to my parents and grandparents for staying and taking care of us.  They didn't get home til way late because they stayed much longer than expected.  I so appreciate them!

The next day was Halloween and Nick felt much better - must've been a 24 hour bug.  Caleb was also doing much better so we took him back to daycare and I called about 10 am or so to make sure he was still doing ok.  They said he wasn't quite playing like normal, but seemed to be doing just fine otherwise.  Fifteen minutes later, I get a call at work from the daycare saying, "I know you just called like 15 minutes ago, but Caleb just threw up again."  So this was almost an entire week my poor baby had been sick!  I headed out to pick him up, made an appt with the pediatrician and we went home.  We went to the doctor that afternoon and he still had thrush, but other than that they said it could just be his body working the virus out of his system.  I was so sad for Caleb to have been sick for so many days with not much we could do about it.  Also, I'm pretty sure I broke my toe when I went home that morning after picking Caleb up.  It was on my clotted/inflamed vein leg.  Yep.

That evening Caleb was much better and no temp, so we sent him to daycare the next day with his thrush meds.  My leg was much much better the next day and continued to get even more better. 

So...after all that, we are all back to our normal selves and healthy as ever!  I am very thankful for our health and that God provided in many ways during this kind of crazy week. 


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