Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with our little family of 3 on Saturday morning, since we will be in Wichita on Christmas day.  We woke up early and read the Christmas story in the Bible.  Then opened stockings and presents.  It was so fun with Caleb this year, because he was so much more into it!  (of course, last year he was only 7 weeks old, so there's not too much excitement happening at that stage).  :)  And since the poor baby was miserable at his party with the rash, this was much more enjoyable.  Here are some pictures of the morning:

A future Braschler singer in the making... :)

Caleb loved coloring!  He got some crayons, coloring books and construction paper and didn't care about anymore presents after that.  

He makes such goofy faces.  :)  

Caleb also got a Megaland!  Tunnels and a "ball pit".  

And we finished it off with the traditional monkey bread.  Mmmmmm....good!  

We played all day and then Tyler, Robyn and Jackson came over for a Christmas dinner - ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole (I need to share this recipe with you!!  So good!), green bean casserole, corn, bread, and delicious homemade apple pie and ice creamf from Robyn!  We played games and had a great time.  

On Sunday, we visited the dear folks at First Christian Church in Gravette and then I spent the day making cinnamon rolls and Nick spent the day doing laundry.  :)  Cinnamon roll making is a Goetz tradition.  Every year as far as I can remember, my dad makes pan after pan after pan of cinnamon rolls and hands them out to all the neighbors and other friends and family.  They are legendary.  I wanted to continue the tradition down here in Arkansas, so yesterday I made 16 pans of cinnamon rolls.  Yesterday morning I took some to work and to Caleb's daycare and last night we delivered them to our neighbors.  Yum!!  


  1. Where are our cinnamon rolls??? Ha :) jk. I can't believe Caleb is coloring already? He is growing sooo fast! Cute pics. I posted a little blurb about our family Christmas too!

  2. looks like so much fun! love the pictures!