Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fayetteville Lights

This weekend we got Caleb's haircut, finished almost all of our Christmas shopping and then grabbed some Chipotle before heading over to see the lights at the square in Fayetteville.  I just really love all of the beautiful lights and the excitement.  Here are the pics we captured:

We had both shoes this time!!  (See the last picture in this post for reference...)

Nick saw this on the front of a bank and we thought it would be appropriate to grab a picture with it since I was born in 1987.  I failed to reciprocate the favor because Nick was also born that year.  I think Caleb was more than ready to go.  :)  Too many hours of shopping...

We had such a fun family day and the boys were great sports to hang with their momma all day!


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