Thursday, December 29, 2011

Getting Organized for 2012

So, 2012 is right around the corner and along with the new year comes the itch to get things started off right.  Get organized.  Get clean.  Start resolutions (and hopefully follow through and finish them).  Here are a few of my organization goals for 2012:

1.  File papers
Ever since we moved and had a baby (who is now a one year old. Yes, I know.), our filing of bills and other important papers has been this:

A drawer full of important things to keep.  I was super organized a while back with our file cabinet and folders and all that jazz.  Then the pile started and there was no turning back.  So, the goal here is to file the existing pile and file as things come in.

2.  Clean out emails
Currently in my personal email inbox, I have 752 emails.  Yes.  Most of them are online deals that I don't want to forget about, so I keep them in my inbox so that I will see them.  My goal is to get the emails to keep in the appropriate folder and delete the unnecessary ones to the point that the only emails in my inbox take up only one screen.  For example, the first page is emails 1-25, so that means no more than 25 emails in my inbox at any given time.

3.  Organize pictures
We keep our pictures downloaded pretty regularly and organized well, but I still have some on my old laptop that I need to transfer over to our desktop computer.  I read this post on organizing photos and making photobooks that I would love to implement with our family.  Now is the time to start, before the load gets any bigger and then keeping up will be so much easier. 

4.  Chore chart
I'd love to make a chore chart for myself, or really just make a schedule for doing household chores.  Now laundry and dishes are an everyday thing, but I want to make a weekly plan for things like washing sheets, vacuuming, mopping the floors, cleaning the bathrooms, etc. 

5.  Workout schedule/routine
I'm signed up for another Biggest Loser competition at work that will start January 6th and last for 12 weeks.  This really helps me stay accountable with weigh-ins and somebody recording my progress.  And maybe I'll win some money this time!  I'd like to get back into a routine and try to do the couch to 5k program that a lot of people have had success with.  And be flexible to use Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred on days when it's too cold or icy to go outside.

6.  Meal planning
This is something that I've hoped to do ever since we got married.  My mom got me a cool meal planning set from a Thirty-one party that she went to.  It has a weekly meal plan for each week for an entire year.  Four meals a week, a weekly shopping list and recipes for all the meals.  I can't wait to break into this and start using it.  This will be so great for busy weeks and with working a full-time job.  I'll let you know how it goes! 

The book is full of 12 months of meal plans!  It also has recipes and other fun tidbits.  Awesome!

This cool thing is a notepad with a magnet on the back and when you go to the grocery store you just rip off the top sheet to take with you!

Anyway, just thought I'd share these on the blog to help give myself some accountability.  Like if you say something out loud, then you feel more committed to it??  Here's to completed goals and organization for the new year!


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