Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Light Up Siloam

On Sunday we headed to the annual Light Up Siloam event downtown.  They turn on all the Christmas lights downtown and then there is a wonderful Christmas parade!  I just love this time of year and all of these fun Christmas-y events!  We bundled up with hot chocolates in hand (and I even made some homemade popcorn - stovetop popped and all, but with gloves on, it was a little difficult -and greasy- to eat in the cold). 
    Tyler, Robyn and Jackson met us there and we loved soaking in all the Christmas spirit, music, lights and cold.  Caleb loved drinking my hot chocolate and he even got a sucker from one of the floats that kept him content through most of the parade. 

Tyler, Robyn & Jackson

Little Jackson was so excited that he slept through most of the parade.  :)

We were totally wearing almost exactly the same hats.  Great minds think alike.  :) 

We love our suckers!

Group picture, minus Jackson - who is there, just didn't make the picture. 

We had a little incident when we parked and were pulling out all our gear.  Caleb absolutely does not like wearing shoes or socks.  He'll take them off the first chance he gets.  When we got there, he only had one show on.  After searching the car multiple times, we could not find his other shoe anywhere.  This was our best compromise - an extra hat held on by a hair band. 

Turns out he took the shoe off at home, before we even left.  It was sitting on the floor when we walked in. 

Caleb fell asleep in the car after the parade about 2 minutes into the drive home.  Considering the drive to our house is only about 4 minutes, it was a quick nap.

It's hard work going to parades.

Little Jackson all bundled up. 

Another group picture with a better camera.  (Not our camera, mind you - but the person we asked just happened to work with us, so he very nicely emailed us the photo - again, sans Jackson).

It was a fun night of Christmas celebration!


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