Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Decor (a month late...)

I never did post about our Christmas decorations - even though it's one of my favorite parts about the holidays.  I just took everything down yesterday so my timing is great (note the sarcasm...).  :)  Here are a few snapshots of our home for Christmas (I didn't get any outside shots - next year!).

The mantle. 
I got these stockings last year for Christmas at Hobby Lobby (half off baby!) and I love them.  Note:  There are four for the three of us and our dog, Boone.  Not making any announcements!  :)

And our tree.  Nick saved up lots of pheasant tails to include and we have gone with red, gold and brown colors on our tree ever since we've been married.  And I still love it.  I'm a traditional kind of girl.  Nick has also been saving shotgun shells every time he has been hunting over the last year.  When it was time to decorate, he pulled out four bags full to the brim of shotgun shells to use for the lights on the tree.  He even had them color coded by bag: red, green, yellow and gray!  We used all but the yellow. 

Every year since we've been married, I've ordered a family ornament from personalizationmall.com
Here is 2011's (and a gray shotgun shell too):

Most of our ornaments besides the balls came from the after Christmas sale from Walmart last year.  Everything was super cheap.

We also include non-"theme" ornaments as well as all the red, gold and brown stuff.

And our nativity scene.  I'd love to get a really big one some year.  After all, that is the focal point of Christmas - celebrating Christ's birth!  And I want it to be a focal point in our house during the season as well.

I bought the stuff to make an advent wreath this year, but I never could quite figure out how to put it together, so it just sat on the counter in a pile.  Next year I am determined to finish it before the advent season begins and start a family tradition. 

Merry Belated Christmas!  It's never too late to celebrate the birth of Jesus, in my opinion.  :)  Hope you all had a wonderful break with your families. 

Now back to the daily grind...

***I forgot to add my kitchen table with my Christmas dishes from Grandma Braschler!  Here they are!  


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