Saturday, January 14, 2012

Couch to 5k

I am trying my hand (or my legs) at the Couch to 5k program.  It is a program designed to get you off the couch and running a 5k in as little as 9 weeks.  At work we started another round of Biggest Loser competition.  This one is 12 weeks long and we just recently found out that 52 people have joined this time from 3 different locations!  That means the prize is $832 for 1st place and $208 for 2nd place!  How's that for incentive??!  I'm also using with my mom and dad to keep track of our progress - from what we eat each day to how often we exercise.  Today was my 4th workout of the C25K (the shortened, cool way to say Couch to 5k - haha) - I'm taking advantage of the nice weather.  

Basically the program is three workouts a week for about 30 minutes a day.  This is totally do-able for me, even though I normally hate running.  I like that I can slowly work my way to a full run.  Sometimes when people talk about weight loss or New Year's resolutions, they follow the "go big or go home" mantra which can be overwhelming and lead to burnout very quickly.  This is a combination of walking and jogging while slowly working your way up to run 3 miles at once.  I'm really enjoying this program so far and look forward to actually being able to run a 5k and hopefully lose some weight along the way!

I've started working 7:00 am to 4:00 pm and I love it.  I really really do and I'm so blessed to have bosses that are flexible to allow me to do this.  I am a morning person and I feel like I can get quite a bit done in the early morning hours.  Then I get one more hour in the evenings!  This means more time to spend with Caleb and am able to fit in time to do my C25K workouts.  These are some pictures of Caleb and I's trip to the park to walk/jog and play on the slides.  :)

Here's to getting myself off the couch and running a 5k in a matter of weeks!!

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  1. I'm excited for you! I know you can do it. I used to hate running too and now I feel so good when I do it.