Thursday, January 19, 2012

Simply Thankful

Nick has begun his second unit of CPE, so he's on call at the hospital a few times a month.  Last night was one of his on-call nights.  I decided that my to-do list and cleaning and laundry could wait and Caleb and I hopped in the car to meet Nick for dinner in Springdale.  It was so nice to have dinner as a family - the fact that we were at Applebee's sure didn't hurt (don't worry, I only ate a little bit and took most of my meal home).  :)  Caleb sure loves spending time with his daddy (and playing with the kid menu and crayons sure adds to the excitement).  

I'm so blessed by my little family.  My husband is amazing and my son is the cutest and smartest boy I know (not that I'm biased or anything...).  I'm thankful that this is where God has us right now and thankful that we have the ability to hop in our cars and drive 20 miles to have dinner together.  We are blessed.  


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