Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trip to Mamaw's

A couple of weekends ago, we made a trip up to Nixa, Missouri (near Springfield) to visit Nick's Mamaw.   Nick had been working on a TV stand for her for a few weeks that he finished and we made the trip up to take it to its new home.

Caleb fell asleep a few minutes into the trip. 

Hanging out with Mamaw.  He thought it was so fun to sit on the fireplace ledge. 

Mamaw the Great with her mop-headed great grandson. :)  (this was obviously pre-haircut)

We took her on a Valentine's date to Cheddar's.  We'd never been there before, but the food was great and the prices were great and the peach tea was fantastic!!

Mamaw had this cool toy that shot monkeys out of a cannon. 

After Cheddar's Caleb got his haircut that you can read about here.

Mamaw with the TV stand that Nick made.  Didn't he do a great job?  He even got to use some of his Papaw's old tools that had been in the family for years and years and years.  That made it extra special.  The weekend we went, was the 4 year anniversary of Papaw's passing which happens to be the day before Valentine's.  We had so much fun reminiscing and telling Papaw stories.  I wish Caleb could have met him.  Yesterday was also the one year anniversary of when my Grandpa passed away.  Sure missing our grandparents.  We are so blessed to have had these incredible people (including my Grandma Willis).

Back to the TV cabinet.  Mamaw sat down with Nick over New Year's and was able to tell him what kinds of features she wanted, and Nick made it exactly to her specifications. 

Work it, Mamaw! 

We had a fantastic visit to Mamaw's and hope to be able to devote an entire day to each one of our grandparents in the near future.  Go hug or call your grandma or grandpa (or whatever endearing term you might use)!  :)   

Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Cookies with my Valentines

Last week we made some sugar cookies for Valentine's Day for Caleb's class at daycare.  I had some great help!  Caleb loved eating the dough.  Nick was such a great sport!

Love my boys!

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Super Weekend - overdue

My parents came into town two weekends ago and we had a blast hanging out, playing cards, eating good food and Caleb loved all the attention.  Our family's favorite card game is Hand & Foot.  If you've never heard of it, it's the women vs. the men and it's a lot of fun...except when the men beat the women 8 games in a row.  But I must say that mom and I finally pulled off a victory!  We could play that game all day long!!

We also watched the Superbowl together with my parents, my cousin Stephanie and Tyler, Robyn and Jack.  We introduced my parents to the Wooden Spoon in Gentry, AR - an amazingly delicious mennonite restaurant with out-of-this-world desserts.  Mom and Dad took Monday off so we could get an extra day with them!  So blessed to have them and glad they made the trip down!  

We're looking forward to seeing Nick's family this weekend!  

**Note:  I didn't take any pictures!  But I did take some video, so once I figure out how to do something with it, maybe there will be more videos on here.  :)  

But I felt the need to add a picture anyway..............here goes:

Someone found the cards...........
I knew it was too quiet.  :)

Caleb's New Haircut

Whew...that was a long blog break!  I have lots of catching up to do!  I'll ease myself back into it.  :)  Last weekend, we went to Nixa, MO (near Springfield) to visit Nick's Mamaw.  While we were there, we decided it was high time to get our moppy boy all cleaned up!  This revelation came after his recent daycare pictures which made him look like a sloppy homeless child (said with all the love I have).  :)   We went to a place called Cookie Cutters in Springfield.  So glad Mamaw got to join us and even treat us for this special day! 

This place was awesome.  Caleb got to sit in a choo-choo chair and watch Shrek (or the first 5-10 minutes of it anyway).  He did great!



Looking good!


Much better.  :)  Isn't this a sweet picture?