Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Caleb lately

I haven't done a post on what Caleb's been up to lately in quite a while, so it's about time.  Caleb turned 16 months old on the 6th of March. 

These are the stats from his 15 mo checkup:
He weighs 27 pounds and is 32 1/4 inches long - both were 82nd percentile.  He's a big boy!

Here's what Caleb's up to now lately (as in the past few months):
- walking around everywhere, I'm sure he'll be running soon!
- loves getting into cabinets (we had to put some of the childproof catch things on them)
- learning how to put things in the trash -- a few weeks ago I found 2 pacifiers and a kitchen towel in the trash.  Guess we'll have to start keeping the lid closed and make sure to keep an extra eye on our little munchkin!
- loves to dance, do puzzles (He's got some made out of foam that are his favorite), take baths, and brush his teeth
- Kisses babies all the time, especially his cousin Jackson
- Goes to sleep like a dream, although I suppose it's about time to start taking the paci away...
- Naps about 2-3 hrs a day
- loves the dog, says "Da" and runs to the window first thing when he gets home to see Boone
- loves being outside and kicks and throws the ball
- still tickles us all the time
- gives "zerberts" (aka - makes a tooting sound on your skin, I guess it's called a raspberry?)
- knows where his nose, ears, head, hair, tongue, feet, belly are
- words that we can understand (not sure about anyone else though...): book, bath, dog, up, please, cracker, down, amen, grandma, grandpa, nana, mama, dada, bubble, Bible (these two are basically the same sound), please, baby, hi, bye
- can fold his hands to pray, wave bye-bye, shrug his shoulders and put his arms up like a question, and when we ask "How much do you love Mommy/Daddy/Jesus?", he stretches his arms out to his sides, he can cover his mouth when he coughs and he can point out mommy, daddy and all his aunts, uncles and grandparents

I love being Caleb's mom and am so grateful to be in this role.  I pray that God will continue to mold me into the best mom for him and that we can raise him up to love the Lord.  Can't believe it's been 16 months already!

And a post isn't a post without a good picture.  So here are a few:

This one is pre-haircut

Looking for the doggie.

Caleb loves bananas.  Seriously - he's addicted.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Goetz Girls visit Arkansas

This past weekend my mom and sisters came down to visit us!  I so appreciate them taking some time off work and making the trip to come and see us.  We spent Friday night playing with Caleb and eating chicken and other yummy food.  :)  Saturday morning we played one of our favorite games, Sleuth and we introduced Nick to it. 

Caleb's Grammy and Aunts are teaching him the art of makeup. Uh oh. 

Ready to go shopping with his shirt from Aunt Julie!

Caleb showing Grammy how to brush his teeth.

 Then, we headed to the Promenade (outdoor mall) in Rogers with Caleb in tow to enjoy a day of shopping.  My mom's birthday was the 6th, so we treated her to some Chick-Fil-A and clothes shopping!  I got some candles from Yankee Candle (oooo how I love those candles!  And now they're having a buy-one-get-one-free sale!  Wish they didn't cost so much for one, but I would love to get some more.  It was also free pretzel day at Auntie Anne's, so of course we had to get freebie.  Luckily the line wasn't very long.  

Sporting some stylin' hats.

Grammy bought Caleb a cute outfit, complete with khakis, shoes, and colored shirt!  Adorable!  There was a bunny at the Children's Place's Garden Party, so we got this memory-catching photo.  Caleb loved it.  :)  

While we were shopping, Nick was busy working away in the garage, building this TV stand for Tyler & Robyn:  

He is quite the handyman lately and needs to write you a woodworking post soon before I take over and do it myself (which wouldn't be very helpful, but I would probably just brag on him a little - he IS my husband after all!).  :)  

When we got home, we were pretty pooped, but we did manage to get in another game of Sleuth and some Layered Ziti, garlic bread, and caesar salad.  The girls were so generous to get us some sweet Valentine's gifts with delicious candy!  And Julie brought us some Asiago Cheese bagels from Panera.  Mom made a delicious cheese pastry dish (we like cheese, can you tell?).  We also managed to get our traditional heads-in-a-circle pictures that basically are a giggle session somewhat caught on film.  Most of these probably won't be too interesting to anyone else but us four.  

Caleb got in on some of the action too.  :)

Mad faces.

I think this was our "grossed out" look.  Or something...

Look at Grammy and Caleb's blue eyes!

Roller coaster faces!

I haven't been watching the Bachelor, but supposedly there are "Courtney lips" and this is our best impression.

And again.

Caleb photo-bomb!

Scared faces.

Looking up.

Looking right.

Yes, we are strange.  :)

Sunday morning we headed to church and then to La Huerta.  Then they rode off into the sunset.  :)  I love my sisters and mom and am so lucky to have them in my life.  Thanks for a wonderful weekend!  

Monday, March 12, 2012

Feeding the Ducks

On a Saturday a few weekends ago, we had some beautiful weather.  We seized the opportunity and headed to the park with Caleb, Boone and a little red wagon.  Oh, and of course Sonic happy hour drinks!  

We wanted to feed the ducks, which I think most everyone else there had the same idea.  We each got to take a turn with Caleb throwing the bread to the ducks.  It was a beautiful day out!  Boone loved smelling everything in sight and Caleb was happy with his juice and goldfish.  We stopped to blow some bubbles and soaked up the sunshine.