Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Caleb lately

I haven't done a post on what Caleb's been up to lately in quite a while, so it's about time.  Caleb turned 16 months old on the 6th of March. 

These are the stats from his 15 mo checkup:
He weighs 27 pounds and is 32 1/4 inches long - both were 82nd percentile.  He's a big boy!

Here's what Caleb's up to now lately (as in the past few months):
- walking around everywhere, I'm sure he'll be running soon!
- loves getting into cabinets (we had to put some of the childproof catch things on them)
- learning how to put things in the trash -- a few weeks ago I found 2 pacifiers and a kitchen towel in the trash.  Guess we'll have to start keeping the lid closed and make sure to keep an extra eye on our little munchkin!
- loves to dance, do puzzles (He's got some made out of foam that are his favorite), take baths, and brush his teeth
- Kisses babies all the time, especially his cousin Jackson
- Goes to sleep like a dream, although I suppose it's about time to start taking the paci away...
- Naps about 2-3 hrs a day
- loves the dog, says "Da" and runs to the window first thing when he gets home to see Boone
- loves being outside and kicks and throws the ball
- still tickles us all the time
- gives "zerberts" (aka - makes a tooting sound on your skin, I guess it's called a raspberry?)
- knows where his nose, ears, head, hair, tongue, feet, belly are
- words that we can understand (not sure about anyone else though...): book, bath, dog, up, please, cracker, down, amen, grandma, grandpa, nana, mama, dada, bubble, Bible (these two are basically the same sound), please, baby, hi, bye
- can fold his hands to pray, wave bye-bye, shrug his shoulders and put his arms up like a question, and when we ask "How much do you love Mommy/Daddy/Jesus?", he stretches his arms out to his sides, he can cover his mouth when he coughs and he can point out mommy, daddy and all his aunts, uncles and grandparents

I love being Caleb's mom and am so grateful to be in this role.  I pray that God will continue to mold me into the best mom for him and that we can raise him up to love the Lord.  Can't believe it's been 16 months already!

And a post isn't a post without a good picture.  So here are a few:

This one is pre-haircut

Looking for the doggie.

Caleb loves bananas.  Seriously - he's addicted.


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