Thursday, March 1, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

I just discovered jet-dri is supposed to go in your dishwasher .

Chicken sales at work are a wonderful thing - glad we have an extra freezer in the garage.

My hubby rocks.

It's been a super crazy week and it's time to get back on track with my C25K plan.  Last time I ran, I was finishing up week 6.  Those 20+ minute runs are so not appealing to me.  But it's worth it, so get on it, Val!

I'm blessed to work where I do.

I'm so glad we got some snow, but this spring weather sure is beautiful too!

I love spreadsheets.

Looking for another car.  Poor Trav the cav has about lived his life. 

I just tried this new recipe to make for my BIL and SIL and it is awesome.  I may have saved half of it for us. :)

I realized I am addicted to food like a smoker is addicted to cigarettes.

My son is so cute.  I love him.

My sisters and Mom are coming into town this weekend!  So excited to see them! 

My poor nephew, Jack, is in the hospital for RSV.  Please pray for his oxygen levels to go up, breathing to get better and fluids/food intake to increase!  He's so sweet and such a trooper.  Even smiling while wearing his oxygen tubes. 

I have the urge to go buy a quilt bedding, new sheets and new lamps at Walmart today.  Hmmm....
**Update - I gave in to the urge and bought new bedding (guest room), sheets (master), and lamps (master).

Connie's Cookies in Wichita make THE best sugar cookies in the whole wide world.  That's not even exaggerating.


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