Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Weekend

I suppose it's time that I write our Easter post considering that it is a week late.  :)  We started the weekend off with the church pancake breakfast and egg hunt.  This was Caleb's first egg hunt ever and I have to say that he did pretty well.  

Then he found the gravel parking lot and decided it was more fun to hunt for rocks than eggs.  

Afterward Tyler, Robyn and Jackson came over to dye eggs and hang out.  

The dye was kind of crackling, but we decided that it made our eggs look kind of cool.  

Caleb got in on the action.  

Jack too!

Haha - it looks like Caleb was caught red-handed.  

On Easter morning, Caleb woke up to a full Easter basket!  Sidewalk chalk, fishing pole, life jacket, sandals and some peeps.  And some campfire cookers for Mommy & Daddy for future camping trips.

And some fridge magnets.  :)

Caleb all dressed up for church, enjoying a peep.  

Tyler, Robyn and Jackson.  

I think it's so funny that their hands and mouths are exactly the same.  They are definitely Braschlers.  

This is the best one we could get.

Family pictures.

What a wonderful weekend to celebrate Christ's resurrection.  I hope we remember God's gift of His Son everyday with the same gusto as Easter weekend.  He is Risen.  He is Risen indeed!


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