Thursday, April 5, 2012

Illness at the Braschler House

When we Braschlers get sick, we all like to do it at the same time.  Remember back in November?  Yeah, the past week and a half has been another repeat (although different sicknesses this time).  Caleb started with an ear infection and we're pretty positive he ended with hand, foot & mouth disease.  We had one really scary day/night that involved bleeding and swollen gums (even to the point where they swelled over his teeth leading us to think his teeth had fallen out - sounds crazy, but it was just plain scary), calling the hospital/pediatrician on call for advice, and a few sleepless nights.  Luckily, he is like a completely different kid who you never would have guessed was sick just last weekend.  I just got over strep and now Nick has it.  Hopefully he will heal up quickly and we'll be illness free soon.

I'm thankful for Caleb's and my health and praying for a quick recovery for Nick!  Also thankful for medicine and doctors and my super wonderful sis-in-law who brought us a delicious dinner.

In other news, what a beautiful few days it has been!!!!!!!!!!!  I love this weather!!!

Here are some sad pictures of my sick boy. 

He just sat there wanting to watch Veggie Tales.  So sweet.  

And here he is taking his own temperature.  (please note, I do not take his temp in his belly button, that's just where he thinks it fits best I guess).  :)


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