Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Garden Post

We've been working hard on our yard (and by we, I mean mostly Nick) and I wanted to share our progress.  We added some plants in the front and bought some black mulch on sale at Lowe's, which really helps polish it up and pull it all together.  We planted creeping phlox (the purple flower ground cover), impatiens (which are turning to shreds after being watered), and 3 hostas.  We're looking forward to it all filling in as time goes on.  

Nick has been working especially hard on the backyard, particularly the side of the house.  Here's what we've got:

He built all those planter boxes from mostly leftover wood he had or from wood picked up at an empty house right outside of our neighborhood (with permission from the owner, of course).  That mulch was free, courtesy of his brother Tyler, who does groundskeeping at a ropes course in town.  And He painted the front of the "fence" planter boxes, designed to keep our dog, Boone out of the garden beds.  In the far back left corner are the cucumbers, then the green peppers, jalapenos, green beans and blackberry bushes.  In the boxes attached to the fence he planted some flowers for me from seed so that I can always have fresh cut flowers.  What a guy!  :)  We are hoping to someday add some rose bushes in front of the entrance in honor of Nick's Papaw, who always had rose bushes and took great care of them.  We are excited about our little garden oasis and hope that all of the plants survive!  I'm very thankful for a hardworking husband who is so creative.  

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  1. Looks great! I'm excited to see it when everything is full grown :)