Monday, May 28, 2012

In Memory...

...of Papaw Wampler, who I had the great privilege of meeting several times before he passed away in February 2008.  He was an incredible man of God who loved to read, study, work puzzles and tell funny jokes.  We miss him so much, but know that he has achieved the ultimate prize of eternity with Christ.

...of Grandpa Goetz, who passed away February 2011 after a 20+ year battle with cancer.  He fought hard, he fought long and I think he ultimately won.  His body is now fully restored to its heavenly form and he doesn't have to deal with any pain or treatments ever again.  He was so supportive of us, a man of integrity and he came to all of our extracurricular activities, especially our games (volleyball, softball and basketball - rarely missing one, even when he felt terrible - and he always brought us "vitamins" -- chocolate covered granola bars).  I miss him terribly.

...of Grandma Willis, who also lost her 20+ year battle of cancer in December 2010.  She was gentle, kind, thoughtful and so loving.  She would always play games with us, take us shopping, bake us delicious goodies, and just come over and spend time with us when we didn't have anything to do.  I miss her so much. 

We are so blessed to have had these incredible people as grandparents and we are so proud to be their granddaughter and grandson.  I'm also so thankful that they all knew the Lord and are now rejoicing with him forever!

This Memorial Day weekend, remember those who have gone before us.  :)  


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