Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Wheels on the Taurus Go Round and Round

We have new wheels at the Braschler household!  A few months ago, we traded our Chevy Cavalier with an individual for the Ford F150 truck in the background of the picture.  The Cav was my car from highschool which was wonderful - it had even endured having a tree falling on it and my teenage driving skills, but with 190k miles on it, it was time to move on.  And just last weekend we sold our Ford Escape to look for something with a little better gas mileage for Nick's work travel to all the plants and hospitals and also our trips to Wichita and wherever else the road might take us.  So tonight we bought this 2003 Ford Taurus.  So far we love it!  It is really a huge blessing to not have any car payments.  We are very fortunate to have saved up and thankful for tax refunds!  We actually came out ahead money-wise with all the selling/trading around so we will use that for some new tires for the truck and our trip to Chicago in September.  

Here she is.  She even has rear air and plenty of room for Nick's long legs.  

So that means I'll be driving the truck to and from work and daycare since they are all within 2 miles and Nick will drive it whenever he wants to do "manly" things like going to Lowe's or to look at cows or whatever that might entail.  And Nick will drive the Taurus for work since he travels all over the area to different plants and hospitals, etc.  It's nice to have all of this settled finally.  We are so blessed and are grateful we even get to enjoy the pleasures of owning and driving cars.  

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  1. manly things, like going to Lowe's... lol. You crack me up, Val :)