Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My sweet boy, Caleb

Here's an update on Caleb's newest developments now that he's 19 months old:

- We are a paci-free home!  He no longer uses the paci, even at bedtime.  Sometimes if we're in public and it's not ok to be whiny all the time we'll pull it out (mostly as a courtesy to others).  Yes, sometimes you just have to do that. :)  The first three days of bedtime without the paci involved a lot of crying until he fell asleep and then he slept all night.  Now we say, "Goodnight Caleb!" And he says, "Bye!" and goes right to sleep.  Seriously, I realize we are the luckiest parents ever.

- He's figuring out how to use a fork and spoon.  He's pretty much got the fork down, but the spoon is a little harder.  I've got to say that sometimes it's hard to just let him learn without doing it for him.  Mostly that's because it can end up making such a mess that will have to be cleaned up, but it is amazing to see how much better he is at using utensils when he gets to practice with them and get used to them.

- One of my favorite things about his age is that he can communicate back to us.  We can ask him questions and he can answer yes or no and tell us things he wants and ask questions (we might be the only ones that understand, but it's so fun to see him learning and communicating).

- When we drive by animals, mostly cows and horses, he points at them and makes their sounds.  It's so funny to all of a sudden here a moo or a whinney coming from the backseat.

- Yes, we have introduced the potty chair.  A few weeks ago when we were in Missouri, he went over to his diaper bag, grabbed a diaper, brought it to me and laid down on the floor.  I couldn't believe it!  Granted, I'm sure that's a rare occurrence, but since he's starting to recognize when things happen down there, we went ahead and got a potty chair.  He is starting to sit on it, but hasn't gone yet and probably won't for awhile and that's ok.  We realize boys are harder to train than girls and it will probably be several months, but it doesn't hurt to start familiarizing him with it now!
* Funny story that just happened last week:  he was going back and forth between the sink (to brush his teeth) and the potty chair and finally sat down on the potty then just stood up, took a step and proceeded to go all over the bath mat!  I didn't know whether to cheer or what, so I picked him up, sat him down and cheered because he was in the right room after all.  :)  haha...I have a lot to learn!

- One of the funniest things is that Caleb knows the difference between yes and no questions and other questions. We have no idea how he knows the difference, it must be the inflection of our voices, but it's so funny to test it out on him.  He knows every time!

We are loving each stage that Caleb is in and we're savoring every moment with him.  I'm so blessed to be his mom.  :)  I'm continually amazed at how God lets us be involved in the process of raising a child.  What a gift to have my sweet boy Caleb and walk through life with my best friend and husband, Nick.  


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