Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Outside

This weekend it was pretty warm, but not too scorchingly hot as it will be in a few short weeks.  I had some things to work on inside, so Nick watched Caleb while he worked outside, cleaning the garage and washing the truck.  Caleb loves to play with the brooms, so he helped sweep up a little.  :)

We have toys and sidewalk chalk and balls and stuff outside, but all he wants to play with is the broom.

Then he found the bubbles...

Saturday afternoon we met Tyler and Robyn at the city pool.  Siloam has a really great pool - a little kiddie pool we stayed in half the time, another big pool that slopes in, so you can sit in the really shallow part for awhile or you can go in deeper - ease yourself in.  :)  They also have another section with some really cool big water slides, which we didn't go on, but I'm sure they are lots of fun.

Caleb loved swimming, especially once he got used to the water.

Jackson wasn't too excited about the water, but he had fun people-watching, until he got pelted in the head by a ball from some wild kids. 

It was a great weekend and so fun to get outside to play in the water! 


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