Thursday, July 19, 2012

Barnett's Shake of the Month

So, if you haven't ever been to Siloam Springs and you decide to come down for a visit, a trip to Barnett's Dairyette is a must.  It's a great old-fashioned burger joint with the best fries, burgers and ice cream treats around.  They have a shake of the month with all kinds of delicious flavors.  I fully intended to begin the year trying each one of them, but for some reason it just didn't happen.  I have to say that I loved February's - a chocolate covered cherry shake and in the fall they always have pumpkin pie shake and one month was an apple pie shake with pieces of real apple pie mixed in the shake.  Oh my.  July's is Bananas Foster shake and it is oooooo ooooo good!!  It has carmelized bananas and cinnamon and other goodness.  If you live in Siloam or are visitng, make sure you go try it! 


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