Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Camping" with Friends

Whew, we are long overdue for an update.  I'll do my best to catch up.  :)  We have been having lots of fun at the Braschler household the past few weeks.  

The last week of June we went on a "camping trip" with our good friends the Gutshalls.  We were planning on doing a real tent camping trip at the lake but when we saw that temps were going to be 104 and 105, we didn't think that sounded like a ton of fun with two 1 yr olds, so the Gutshalls graciously offered to host us to "camp" at their place for the weekend.  We had a blast spending time with them.  Usually when we hang out, it's for a few hours and then we have to leave to get the boys to bed or something - it always feels too short.  We cooked out hotdogs, had delicious chocolate chip cookies (which Caleb helped himself to from the counter - he's getting so tall!), and lots of other good food, played games, went to the park, went swimming, napped, chatted and laughed, visited a pizza joint on the Fayetteville square, and enjoyed some good old fashioned fellowship with good friends.  

Giving hugs to Emerson

This was the best picture we could get of both boys looking at the camera.

They loved playing in, Brody, the dog's pen.

Nick, Emerson and Big Caleb


Yummy lunch!

At the pool!

We are so grateful to have friends like them and boys around the same age to play together.  We hope to do another camping trip in the fall and then "camp" at the Braschler campground this winter.  


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